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Thank you, ZOS!

Pts 1.6 patch notes
•Feed •You can now CC break out of this ability"
  • Cody
  • xMovingTarget
    Sypher wrote: »

    Damn Sypher, That vid was great :D
  • DisgracefulMind
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    Faction locks are wrong. We should be able to play how we want, not be told that we need to be faction loyalists.
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  • RedTalon
    -slow claps-

    About time may start flied fighting again.

    Had a vampire feed on my once in pvp, and realized feed was bugged for it when my health got restored and the vampires didn' hopefully that gets fixed also
    Edited by RedTalon on January 27, 2015 9:53PM
  • Cinnamon_Spider
    I was just coming here to post about that. I can't wait until that update hits live. This ability was used on me an embarrassing number of times last night.

    Loved the video, Sypher!
    Edited by Cinnamon_Spider on January 27, 2015 11:17PM
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  • Sypher
    After 1.6 the only time my blood gets sucked will be in bed...

    ... at the American Red Cross, because I'll be donating blood.
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