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Werewolf Guild Recruiting!

**Ebonheart Shadow Pack**

Now recruiting! We are an extension of the EP guild -Guild of Shadows- and we are going to be running with them and coordinting ww ultimates.

I will be leading the guild myself, as well as streaming a good amount of it @

Please PM or in-game Mail @Brizz53 for an invite!
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Briizz - v14 EP Werewolf Nightblade <Former Emperor - Chillrend NA>
Brizz The Elder Dragon - v14 EP Dragon Knight
Brizz - v12 DC Nightblade <Former Emperor - Celarus NA>
Brizeer - v4 Stamina Sorcerer - Prophet of Zazeer-Destroyer of Buff Severs and Eater of Sweet Rolls-
Watch LIVE @
  • Akamuto
    Soul Shriven
    NA or EU?
  • mjspnrb18_ESO
  • Al'Ro'Kent
    would like to join this guild
  • Baybaeckz
    My orc is a werewolf(DC), can you help me?
  • Malachi79
    Hi, @Brizz, If this clan still exists do you take players from other alliances? (Im mainly DC), If not that's fine its just my EP toon is very, very under-developed (lvl 3 :D), thank you.

    "Corporal, Whats a Corporal?" #1 AAFC quote
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    *Ebonheart pact - NA/PC - Level 3 :disappointed: Male toon *Hoping to be wolf* *PVE Orientated* *Sorcerer*
    "Corporal, Whats a Corporal?" #1 AAFC quote

    *NA PC Mega-server*
    *Aldmeri Dominion - {Sir Notsodps} *Vampire* *PVE/Trials* *DPS*
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    *Daggerfall covenant - {Sir Notsotankalot} *PVP/PVE orientated* *Tank*
    *Edonheart Pact - {Abcaac} *PVP orientated* *Warden Tank*

    *EU PC Mega-server*
    *Aldmeri Dominion - Soon!
    *Daggerfall covenant - Soon!
    *Edonheart Pact - Soon!

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