Suggestions for Crown Items

Since B2P is confirmed, we're going to have to do the best we can to make it work. Below are my suggestions for the types of content to be sold in the shop. You can post yours, too.

Clothes: I would stay strictly to villager clothes. I wouldn't advocate for armour-based items. The game seems to be lacking in villager clothes, which is something that Elder Scrolls games are supposed to have. I think commoner clothes would be a great addition to the crown shop, as they would be in demand from players, are 100% lore-friendly, and ZOS can continually diversify NPC outfits.

Character Appearance: I wouldn't like something that allows people to completely change a character's appearance. I think it should be restricted to hair, adornments, tattoos and build (skinny/muscular/fat). This way, your character is still the same person, just probably went to the gym and got a haircut (or grew hair). Hair colour remains the same as creation (or should we have the freedom to change hair colour?).

Additional Appearance Options: Implement more hairstyles, adornments and tattoos for the buying. Try not to keep them too neatly fashioned, just make them look good for the lore.

Texture Packs: This is modding territory, but I think it's a good DLC idea to have high-res and low-res/basic texture packs. Perhaps even permit individual developers to host their own packs, sell them, and ZOS can receive royalties? The closer ESO is to traditional TES modding communities, the better.

Speaking of: Allow modding capabilities for sound, lighting and textures. Anything to spice up the appearance of the game, the better. Endless visuals! Any successful mods (or anything ZOS likes) can receive standalone implementations (e.g. clothing textures), and be sold in the shop for royalties.

Please note that these mod edits will not be able to be seen by other players who do not use the mods.

If the past two suggestions would lead to technical issues, then forget it.

Horse Stable: I think it's important for people to be able to transfer horses they've been feeding for months to other characters. This is great for people who create new mains, or play on their alts for extended periods of them. A one-time transfer should do.

House Decorations: Since we will be getting a housing system some time in the future, it would be wise for ZOS to sell decorations in the Crown shop. Possibly also have a crafting system for it too, but buying with cash is convenient for people who want to decorate immediately. **Building houses would probably be through crafting, and not sold in the Crown shop.

Pets: Current pets are pushing the lore, imo. However, we can have various dogs, perhaps with a pet interaction system.

Mounts: Please stick to horses. Personally, I wouldn't mind buying a horse with stats, it's not very P2W in my perspective, but I guess if others care about it, stick to simple horse stats.

EXP Boost: Have an EXP boost for characters below level 50. Champion progression should not have a payer advantage.

Expansions: I stand neutral on zone expansion packs. Might update this listing depending on community discussions.
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  • The_Man_From_Stygia
    I've always wanted a Wamasu to ride around on. They way they walk amuses me and it would be like riding on your own siege weapon.
    "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." - Terry Pratchett
  • Shinozuka
    Hey I would buy (even more) expanded bank/backpack slots
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