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How do I get Addons to work on my Mac


Would someone please explain to me, Barney-style, how to get Addons to work for ESO when you're using a Mac? I've watched the youtube video, read the advice in several forums, followed the instructions, but I still cannot get a single addon to work for ESO.


EDIT: After experimenting, I finally got them to work. Advice from mentioned youtube video was not correct ...
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  • Psychoke
    Download your chosen addon on www.esoui.com

    then go to your finder and press Command⌘+shift+g

    and type in
    ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/live/ (if you are in na megaserver)
    ~/Documents/Elder Scrolls Online/liveeu/ (if in eu megaserver)

    then just click the addon folder and put the downloaded addon in there

    and restart eso after you done it all
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