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Legends of Cyrodiil: Heroes of the War Zone

Legend 1: The Crimson Assassin

The Crimson Assassin. Unknown to all but a few. But there is a legend involving him and a young boy that would help change the Daggerfall Covenant's recruiting methods.

Back in the day, children were sometimes used by the Covenant to do non-combat tasks like collect healing herbs. The idea was that by using innocent children, the Pact and the Dominion would see him as an innocent war victim and ignore him. With enough experience, he may grow to be a Cyrodiil general. On one occasion, though, the Covenant trained a young boy who lied about his age to be a soldier. He eventually rose through the ranks to be an undefeatable sniper, armed with only his bow. He was surprisingly quick and agile, too. The boy could not be beaten...until the Crimson Assassin came along. Since then, tales of him are rejoiced by children.

One day, the "Sniper Boy", as he came to be called, was sitting on the bridge leading to Castle Alessia. He had just taken out the leader of a Pact regiment and sent them running back to Alessia. Suddenly, he heard a voice speaking. The voice sounded like a male's voice, but it was too unearthly to be a male. Still, he wasn't taking any chances. He slung the bow onto his back and dropped below the wall. Hanging only by his fingertips, he tried to remain motionless. Then he heard footsteps on the roost where he was.

Sheer curiosity got the best of the boy and he slowly peeked up. In front of his eyes stood a person dressed entirely in crimson clothes. And he was entirely crimson...his clothes, his backpack, even his shoes. The only thing that wasn't crimson was his face, which was concealed.

The boy watched, amazed, as the "Crimson person" muttered to himself in a female-like voice. "Huh, I thought the boy would be here. I saw him earlier. This is his favorite spot."

The boy got a chill through his spine. Could his cover be blown? Was this person an enemy?

Meanwhile, the crimson person knelt down and took something from his backpack. The Sniper Boy watched as he scattered a crimson dust.

The boy watched the entire thing. When the crimson person was finished, he stood up. "One day, the boy will thank me." He then turned and headed downstairs.

The boy waited until the footsteps faded. But then he heard more footsteps...marching. He realized he had to get up fast. He scrambled up the wall and back onto the roost.

Just in time, too! The boy laid down on his stomach, weapon drawn, as the same Pact regiment appeared, this time with an important-looking person.

"See here, General! An arrow through the back of his head! We need an army, not a simple regiment!"

The general pondered for a moment. "Let's wait. I don't like to send an army..."

The general and all the men surrounding him suddenly grabbed their heads and moaned.

A split second later, the boy watched as the same crimson person he saw earlier appear and decimate all 50 soldiers and the general in the blink of an eye. All the crimson person said was "...to their deaths."

The crimson person knelt down and examined the corpse the boy slew earlier. "Good work by the boy."

The boy shuddered. Has he been discovered?

The boy couldn't afford to be discovered. He immediately withdrew an arrow, aimed, and fired at the crimson person. Although the crimson person didn't appear to be facing the boy, the arrow suddenly stopped just in front of him and disintegrated.

He fired another one. This time it somehow fell short. The boy had one last arrow. He fired it. Then the boy's arrow came to rest on the shoulder of the crimson person.

The crimson person looked at the arrow, then waved his hand over it. Then he put the arrow, now crimson, into his quiver.

Then he took a pouch and spoke some words, then cast a crimson dust. The wind carried it toward the boy.

Suddenly, the boy felt tired. He tried to fight to stay awake, but it was no use. He fell asleep.

The boy awoke to find himself at the Northern High Rock Gate, with the General and the crimson sitting there.

"Good, you're awake, boy. Come with me."

He and the crimson person took the boy to an assembly place, where the boy was ushered onstage in front of a lot of soldiers.

The general spoke clearly in front of the assembled multitude.

"Here ye, here ye. Today I, along with the Crimson Assassin, have been told that this boy was actually a soldier who lied about his age. From this day forward, I am hereby relieving all children of duty, soldier or not. Also, from this day forward, to avoid having another situation like this, require a letter of approval from the king before a soldier will be trained. I will never again use children for tasks again."

The boy, while saddened to learn his kill days was over, was happy to return home.

Since then, the Covenant have never used children for military tasks, and children rejoice this because of the Crimson Assassin. They consider the Crimson Assassin to be the Protector of Children.
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  • arena25
    Legend #2: The Red Bloodied Warrior

    When the Pact was formed, the Argonians were suddenly equals. In addition, Nords and Dunmers were also equal. But the Dunmers were not too happy. The Argonians still had to sell their goods at extremely low prices, and they couldn't engage in war. But thanks to an Argonian known only as the Red Bloodied Warrior, the Argonians were allowed to join the Alliance War.

    One day, an Argonian was in Cyrodiil at Blue Road Keep, doing servant work when a Covenant warhorn sounded. The Argonian was supposed to flee, but he stood his ground. The Dunmer supervisor yelled he would receive the lash, but he found a sword lying on the ground and picked it up. The Dunmer supervisor thought he would be torn apart.

    But he was wrong. The army surrounded him, thinking easy meat. The general stood in front of him, trying to get him to drop his weapon. Then the Argonian did something that seemed unprecedented: He swung his sword, and a heartbeat later the Covenant general's head was going flying, and everyone that was surrounding the Argonian was hit in the eyes by blood from the General, blinding them. Miraculously, the Argonian did not get blinded, too. He wasted no time, and started slaying everyone.

    Within 50 heartbeats, the Argonian was standing triumphantly amidst a bloody dead army, smirking at the Dunmer supervisor. "Who says Argonians can't fight?"

    The Dunmer supervisor noticed that his clothes were entirely red. The supervisor realized he had no weapons on him. He decided to take the Argonian back to the Gate.

    When the generals heard about the Argonian's tale of glory, they immediately realized that Argonians aren't just slaves. They can be useful fighters. They sent word to Davon's Watch and gave the Argonian a title: "The Red Bloodied Warrior" After word was brought to Davon's Watch, the Dark Elves who ruled there agreed to let Argonians participate in war, so long as they were fully armed and trained.

    Within 5 moons, Argonians were soon fighting alongside their Pact brethren. The Red Bloodied Warrior soon turned quite famous, and was dragged from battle to battle and expected to slay anyone that emerged from the keep. While he was unable to repeat the feat of that fateful day, nevertheless, the Argonians were now equal in peace and now equal in battle.

    Today, Argonians pray to the Red Bloodied Warrior before a battle, hoping to draw on his strength and his skills in battle.
    If you can't handle the heat...stay out of the kitchen!
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