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Imperial Trading Company [EU] - [Merchant/Social/PvE] new leadership!


The Imperial Trading Company is under new leadership (myself) and we're looking for new up-and-coming merchants and traders to join our ranks, as well as daring adventurers and even those who happily mill around Daggerfall chatting with the locals.

We've been through a harrowing revitalisation process and powered our way into 2015 with hard work and enthusiasm! Building on our proud history as the first established Merchant guild on the EU megaserver, as per popular vote we're branching out from trading, to offer our members more of a 'guild experience' with:
  • Over 450 active members
  • Full website with active forum community
  • Regularly maintained and growing roster, with a fortnight-month cutoff
  • 50-slot Mumble server
  • An active, in game guild store & merchant kiosk in Daggerfall (maintained by the lovely Khalatah)
  • Bank storage access for Yeoman (second tier) ranks
  • Fortnightly dungeon runs for all levels
  • Fortnightly social meetup in the Rosy Lion with fun activities, and awesome prizes
  • Random one-time events (i.e : fishing competitions/treasure hunts)
  • Trials groups available in association with the Elders of Tamriel

Currently the majority of our events run in the Daggerfall Covenant, with some in the Ebonheart Pact - we do of course encourage members to interact with our leadership and so if you wanted to set up a Dominion PvP night for example, we would work with you to calendar and provide it depending on demand.

If you're looking for a trade Guild with something more, or even just looking for that social Guild experience, you'll be right at home with us.

Contact me (@Animus_Igneus) in-game or apply online at

Imperial Trading Company - the original ESO trading Guild.
Current Guildmaster of the (EU) Imperial Trading Company
The original ESO Merchant Guild
  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    New guildies are very welcome! There are plenty of players in the guild who have been around since launch and are happy to advise new players and answer questions. The trade side of things is very busy. Good store and plenty of sales. Guild chat usually fairly active, regular dungeon runs and social events.

    Be pleased to have you join us! :)
    The Santie Claws College of Pocket Engineering - Tinget, Tinget, Illa Fixura Ducetur!

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates! - this week our stall is in Daggerfall - for all your shopping needs yes!
  • Animus_Igneus
    Just going to give this a cheeky bump. We're always taking on new members and we've got something special planned for March!
    Current Guildmaster of the (EU) Imperial Trading Company
    The original ESO Merchant Guild
  • angelyn
    Join us! Certainly is a bustling trade guild(no weekly fees either!). More importantly, if you join you can meet the famous Santie Claws of Tamriel! :#

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