Hodor gets new world best time for veteran Dragonstar Arena.

Today our little team managed to beat the world best time in vet DSA with a time of 62m32s.

Our awesome Healer : Wild-Flower
Our handsome nightblade DD : Enclaver
Our sleepy DK DD : Wulfharth Wave-breaker
And the Tank : Eumonia


(didn't change our armors nop, did it like that)

Edited by Eumonia on January 14, 2015 6:15PM
Ortie / Eumonia
DK DD and Tank.
Hodor guild (EU EP)
First clear of Vet DSA on live in EU / First SO speed run.
World/EU Best times : 62m32s Vet DSA , 31m59s SO, 6m58s Hel ra, 7m13s AA

I also happen to have boobs.
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