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Khaj Rawlith won't let me in

I know this sounds odd, but I finished the first set of quests in Khaj Rawlith, but before I could take the next quest line inside Khaj Rawlith, I had to leave abruptly. I figured I would pick up the quest when I came back. I was gone for a while, so the game auto-logged me out, which is fine, but when I logged back in I was outside Khaj Rawlith and the door is showing as grey and not active. I can't get back in to pick up the next quest.

What do I need to do to fix this? I was going to do an in-game bug report, but the help screen is bugged also. I can bring it up and have it go away, but I can't click anything in it, so it's stuck at the knowledgebase search box screen.
  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky
    Your only option might be to "abandon" the quest and restart it.
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  • Calmyron
    There's no quest to abandon. I finished the quest. I just didn't pick up the following quest as I had to leave. I figured I'd grab it when I got back. Unfortunately, I was kicked out of the 'mountain' and the door for the quest I finished won't 'open'.
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