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LF Guild (EU-AD)


I am currently on a mission to find a new home for myself, my husband and a friend (or two). All of us have been playing World of Warcraft together for a couple of years so where one of us go, we all go.

My husband and I played TESO during beta and at launch but decided to take a break to give the developers time to fix the problems they were having and the things we were not enjoying so although we are new, we're not newly new.

We are looking for more of a family than a group of randomers, we love to chat both in game and on voice comms (have mumble and TS).

We would describe ourselves as maturely immature and are well known for our get togethers with WoW Guildies that have involved drunken Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity.

I have just hit 30, my husband is 27 and the one friend definitely coming with us is 18 (we are an odd bunch) with the possibility of a couple more in their late teens to mid 20's.

My husband and I have a child so we're looking for a place ok with the fact that we might not be on each night, or may have to dash off quickly because the child decided his bedroom wall needed a coat of vomit...etc.

We are all interested in most of the game including PvE & PvP.

If you think our crazy little crew would be at home in your home then please feel free to leave more details in this post (even if it is just your website) or /w me in game @Chammy84.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Chammy, Aaron and Brad.
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