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Ability rank ups question

Do you have to have weapon skills equipped for them to rank up or do all the ones you unlock rank up no matter if equipped?
  • Aett_Thorn
    Skills need to be equipped to rank up.
  • Castagere
    Ok thank you.
  • Cuyler
    They need to be on the bar at the moment you receive the xp.

    For example, lets say you have two skills.

    The first lets say "impulse" you use all the time and gets you lots of easy kills. It's leveled all the way.

    The second, "evil hunter" you don't use that much, doesn't get you a lot of kills, but you need to level it for those specific situations where it really helps.

    You could do an entire quest killing mobs with impulse and at the very end, right before turning in the quest for the xp reward, put evil hunter on your bar. Then claim the quest and evil hunter will have all that xp applied to it.

    In conclusion, you don't level skills by using them, but by receiving xp while they are slotted on your bar.
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