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Official Discussion Thread for "Battlemaster's Corner - Lightning Priest"

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This is the official discussion thread for "Battlemaster's Corner - Lightning Priest."

If you'd like to be featured in a future Battlemaster's Corner, submit your own build to us at [email protected]!
Jessica Folsom
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  • keto3000
    Hey, I'm glad to see a Sorcerer DPS build featured here! looks like you use a similar Destro/Resto combination that I also prefer. I'm a first time MMOer and loving this game. My main toon is also a vr9 Sorcerer Mage and I'm working hard to get my DPS combat skills up to par to do endgame content like a pro.

    Few questions:

    1) What rank is your sorc & what are your current spell crit/ weapon crit stats?

    2) How does your build do in endgame PvE content, i.e., DSA & Trials?

    3) I noticed you don't mention or use Inner Light & Critical Surge on your bars? I've been shown by a lot of endgamer that those 2 abilities are a "must" on my bars, or at least on my Bar 1- Destro.

    4) I've been told that my main dps bar should have the Ulti set as FLAWLESS DAWNBREAKER(MORPH) from fighter's guild line to give the extra dmg weapon boost. My usable Ulti on my 2nd bar should be either Atronach or Negate Magic. Your opinion?


    5) What traits & enchants are you using on your destro & resto staves?

    keto :smile:
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  • VarilRau
    If this is what ZOS thinks is a good sorcerer DPS build i think i have figured out how the 1.6 patch sorcerer changes will work. Badly. Sure buffing the pets survivability will make them usable in trials but they will still be bad im afraid. Though nerfing crit surge is sure to make us use the pets. Its no fun when you cant heal in dungeons as you have no single target heal anywhere and your liability in the end game trials as two other classes can do double the damage than you can.

    And im punching steady 1.1k dps with my sorcerer. (Non daedric v14 conjurer @ SO)

    Also the build is old, it dates back to at least 1.4.

    Varil Rau
    @docharmless DC EU
    Edited by VarilRau on December 23, 2014 7:26AM
    Varil Rau, Mag sorcerer
    Viiltoveikko, Stam sorcerer
    Meadshield, nord dragonknight

    DC EU
  • Mayrael
    VarilRau is 101% right. This build is good, but nothing outstanding... and its worthless for grind or real aoe combat. About cirt surge in 1.6... maybe its to early but from what ive read lets hope they will understand their mistake quick enough to stop sorc players from unsub. Crit surge is the only effective heal that sorc can have, and even now without crit spell its worthless. Sure, lets force sorcs to decide, do they want play pvp or pve, cause with new crit surge and hard caps unreachable without buffs there is no space for both. Rly ZOS logic is something that i cant understand...

    3) - thats true, inner light and crit surge are "must have" (in pve ofc), who says they are not, doesnt know true power of sorcerer.
    4) - imho attronach is better cause he is our personal tank, but that just me.
    5) - u should go for precise trait for pve and sharpened trait for pvp.

    Sorry for my grammar.

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  • VarilRau
    Acually, number 4 is true as well, but it goes for pretty much all classes unless you are playing a main healer. Having flawless dawnbreaker passively increases your light/heavy attacks damage that you should weave in what ever your doing. Just swap to offhand weapon to drop ultimate (atro or negate usually)
    Varil Rau, Mag sorcerer
    Viiltoveikko, Stam sorcerer
    Meadshield, nord dragonknight

    DC EU
  • ceol
    I started using a build similar to this for leveling inspired by it, and it's a lot of fun. I don't duplicate skills on both bars, though, which frees up a couple for more healing skills.

    I think it's pretty unfair to judge ZOS' changes to Sorc based on a single example (pet buffs) they gave us. They're tuning pretty much every skill and trait in game.
  • Khivas_Carrick
    I would love to see a Templar DPS build submitted, like an honest DPS build, not some Hybrid Healer Tank or Healer Wannabe Tank.

    About to rewrite an old guide to a much simpler form and submit that ***, see what happens.
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  • xXShadeOpsXx
    Soul Shriven
    To answer some question. Im currently at V2 and Yes this build has been altered a little and now I am running crit surge on it and inner light. Because those are even more important as you get into the higher vet ranks. Also am using flawless dawnbreaker for dmg increase! So yes all of you guys were right! Good to see players who are knowledgeable.
  • Nybling
    I just read over this. 2k health is really low, especially for end-game. You should be trying to push 3k health for Serpent and Vet DSA.
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    - Psijic Tester since October 2013
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