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Getting unbearable (lag)

Ok, so I've been living with the game lagging, meaning: no weapon swap, or attacking for several seconds at a time. Most of the time, I click away as if I am still fighting and when it catches up, usually I have won the battle or am near to winning and sometimes dead.

But it's just getting progressively worse, today I could be stuck not being able to do anything for 10 minutes. Sometimes I would be traveling, and not be able to unmount, other times in battle and die, sometimes in town doing inventory management. It's such a pain.

I have great internet, I can stream a movie no problem to my PC with no lag, even while I am stuck in limbo in ESO, so I don't know... I have turned off all addons, and done a repair from the launcher with no help. I read online that closing the launcher helps after launching the game helps, but still no joy. I have just uninstalled and am in the process of reinstalling hoping this will help.

This has been going on since update 5. I am pretty sure it's not on my end, but how to prove?
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