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Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Undaunted - A Life of Glory"

This is the official discussion thread for "Loremaster's Archive: Undaunted - A Life of Glory."

Learn the life story of an Undaunted founder in this week's issue!
Jason Leavey
Community Coordinator - The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
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Staff Post
  • stonelisticub17_ESO
    Haldaer the Fang, non-Milksop, new blood, checking in. I am humbled by your knowledge of The Undaunted Turuk Redclaw. May the Arm of Trinimac allow me to live up to your expectations and not faulter as the Milksops do.

    May the Hand of Auri-El be always on your shoulder. Guiding you through life and protecting you from harm.
  • arena25
    I am constantly amazed at how asking a simple question can draw out a complex response from Khajiit (I was the first question in the Q&A part of the article).

    Maybe I need to re-attune my Khajiit lore again. Time for a lesson from my scribe...

    If you can't handle the heat...stay out of the kitchen!
  • vladimilianoub17_ESO1
    From the frigid caves of my homeland in the north to the twisted unforgiving realm of oblivion I will adventure,daring danger to crumble me.I am undaunted.

    Adriana Red, the dragon wall.
  • Gyudan
    Something that always bothered me: why is Turuk Redclaws wearing Orcish armor? Why not khajiiti style? :|
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