Hunter's Moon the Werewolf Guild [EU] [Daggerfall Covenant]

The Hunter's Moon was founded 2 Days ago and is for everyone that seeks a pack to hunt or who wants to become a werewolf.

Currently only 9 Members, but growing. Since WW have great skills and group buffs, they can be pretty strong and dangerous in greater numbers. Who needs tank and healer if you have 4 beasts in your group?

If you want to see what it feels like to be part of a real pack and find other werwolfs to play the game as you have never played it before write me and we can arrange that. Some members have still free bites to turn you.

Our goal is to play casually, run end game dungeons and hunt for our enemies in pvp. This guild does not have to be your primary one, we don't force people to that. We just want that you have the chance to find werewolfs whenever you need them for your aid.

We also have a TS for greater events.

You can contact me here if you leave a comment or write me a mail ingame. @hiiko or @nilles
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