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Lag cause sieges to disappear/destroyed

Im part of a pvp guild where the requirement is to always have stone ballistas. They are costly, something anyone would notice if you havent played for long and try to gather up some AP for future updates.

During sieges I and others keep encountering strange bugs/lags where you pop a siege, and then it sometimes cant be used, it's just standing there. Eventually it breaks, or it can break right away. Often this feels connected to lags during big fights.
This weekend alone I bought 9 stone ballistas due to this, thats 16200 AP which is alot to me. If you look past the cost, it's still pretty stupid that majority of sieges is lost due to this "bug".
  • kwisatz
    It happens to me many times too.
  • SoulScream
    Yes it has been that way a long time now with no end in sight. I feel sad because I like this game but they are killing it.
  • Lava_Croft
    Try to recreate the problem in PvE.
  • OrangeTheCat
    I get stuck in like 15 seconds of snipe animation; walking around with my bow pointed up in the air.
  • Awetopsy1703
    O the pour peeps that use charge abilities when lag is high are still charging
  • Nermy
    I get stuck in like 15 seconds of snipe animation; walking around with my bow pointed up in the air.

    I get that too as well as the siege-machine not working lag/bug, "whatever"... these things need to be addressed.

    There's so many things wrong with Cyro at the minute it's heart breaking. Just scrolling down the Alliance War posts is sad, they're all so negative about PvP atm.

    I'm taking a break after 6 months of almost continuous PvP because the lag makes me want to rip my fingernails out and stick them in my eyes...
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  • JaJaLuka
    I get stuck by being targeted by snipe. I'm frozen until it hits more often than not (there are occasions where I can dodge, feels a little random to me but I'm mostly stuck when targeted) meaning that I can see it coming, but do nothing to avoid it. Just left standing there like a [email protected] I think that the hitching bug has found its' way into that skill now too. :(
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