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Ambush question.

Have some questions about the skill i hope you can help with :)

It says it give extra damage to the next attack. Is that to both normal attack, skills and magic damage? Or how?

Also can i use it from sneak and get the damage bonus?
  • Father
    Any attack
  • Sharee
    Both attack and skills, and you can use it from sneak,

    However some skills benefit from it more, some less. For example dualwield flurry is a series of fast weak strikes followed by a more powerful strike. The ambush bonus is only applied to the first weak strike of the series(basically wasting it).

    So if you want to get the best effect from ambush, follow it by a single powerful strike, like 2h uppercut, veiled strike, or a single-hit ultimate (soul shred, death stroke)
    Edited by Sharee on November 30, 2014 8:33PM
  • kongkim
    Thx alot for the answer.
  • Jacques Berge
    Jacques Berge
    Ambush death stroke is a killer combo... With the right build... You can ambush, death stroke, killers blade most players sub 2.8k hp.
    "Shadow hide you"

    Jacques Berge - v14 NB - DC
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