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NB skills - Reaper's Mark + Surpise Attack question

Hi everyone! :D

I know some NBs expertly use Reaper's Mark on one NPC in a mob as a super health potion. :p

My question is whether or not to use Reaper's Mark and Surprise Attack during tough boss fights (e.g. in Vet Pledge Dungeons) for 100% ignore-armor leading to an increase in DPS. I know it is dangerous to use Reaper's Mark in melee attacks. Does any NB use this combination? Is the increase in DPS significant enough to justify the danger (boss ignores 75% of your armor too)?

Thanks for your help! :D
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  • Jacques Berge
    Jacques Berge
    You would be much better off using 2 crushing enchantments. Also, The armor debifs don't stack. You wouldn't get 100% penetration. Use Mark target to A: fight bosses who aren't attacking you to buff your dps.... B: turn adds into walking health pots C: counter pvp stealth builds. I wouldn't use surprise attack in either PVP or PVE, but that's me. Concealed weapons is a great passive in my opinion.
    "Shadow hide you"

    Jacques Berge - v14 NB - DC
  • tintin_milou
    OK thanks for the answer Jacques! :D

    I am disappointed about the ignore-armor not stacking from Reaper's Mark & Surprise Attack. After all, they are different skills from different trees! :(
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