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DK - Weapon choices?

Curious what weapon everyone uses for their DK...I just hit 15, and I guess its time to really decide.

I am rolling heavy armor with magicka, speccing health for my attributes. Not sure if I want to end up tanking on my DK (I might reserve this for my templar just to be different than the norm) and Im not sure I want to be a pure 'fire mage' caster type in light armor either.

So what weapon combinations synergize well with eachother and the rest of the DK class? Maybe 2h/Destro staff? 2h/Resto Staff? Can I do decent DPS 1h/s and destro staff? Is Duel Wielding the way to go(But this is more stamina based, no?)


  • Dave8400ub17_ESO
    My DK is set up with a destro staff talons, engulfing flames, unstable wall of elements, impulse, and dragon blood for aoe and trash pulls in dungeons. Then I swap to s&b for 1v1 encounters such as delve bosses
  • Gyudan
    For leveling, I'd suggest a mix of heavy and light armor to level both skill lines at the same time. With destro staff and sword+shield on your bars you'll be able to fill both tank and DPS roles.
    Later on, you can easily level 2H and bow skill lines (or any other) by putting an ability of those weapon lines on your active bar. Even if it isn't used, having it there will allow your to gain XP for the associated weapon.
  • Jitterbug
    1h&shield and fire destro with the DK is probably one (two) of the best synergies in game.
  • Stannum
    1h/s + resto (5ha+2la) more tanky or
    1h/s + destro (la) more DPS
    Blood for the Pact!
  • cesmode
    No one runs duel wield DKs?
  • AlexDougherty
    cesmode wrote: »
    No one runs duel wield DKs?

    I am at the minute, but the block on dual weild is weaker than One hand and shield. The abilities and passives are decent, especially as whirlwind makes harvesters easier to take down (have done it with DK skills but is much tougher for DKs than other classes).

    It's basically a case of deciding if you want to shore up your weaknesses, or strengthen your attacks, which is why most go for sword and board.
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