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PVP NB moving into PVE looking for some advice.

Hey so I'm Decado, I am a mainstay in the PVP community. I recently linked up with some ppl that got me into the undaunted vet dungeons and im having fun. I am starting to get the feeling that my DPS is lagging behind. Below is my current setup I am open to all advice I don't want to be the weak link in my group so if anyone has any suggestions plz post.

5 piece ravager
5 piece hundings

GS bar
ambush -wrecking blow-carve-sap essence-impale with veil of blades as the ulti
This is my AOE bar the damage is decent and the ulti regen is thru the roof so im able to drop more veils (sometimes dropping a second while the first is still up)

Bow bar
poison injection-lethal arrow-funnel health-focused atks-impale with flawless dawnbreaker for the ulti.
I like to open with lethal arrow into a light atk then a poison injection and repeat the lethal-light atks until poison injection wears off. I hear ppl talking about animation cancelling and I have tried the whole poison injection while holding down heavy attack and they go off one ofter another not sure if this is what ppl are talking about.

In some situations I have found the need to use DW I currently have 2 daggers.
Ambush-conc wpn-steel tornado-sap essence-impale again with veil as ulti

DW (single target)
ambush-conc wpn- rapid strikes-blodcraze-impale with veil.

I see and hear ppl talking about putting up 2-3k dps on ftc. My opening salvo from bow usually gives ftc a read of 2200-3500 dps. however as the fight progresses it drops considerably. I watch the damage numbers tick by and I know that my attacks are all doing heavy damage. But at the end my FTC is reading 600-800 dps. Again I don't want to be the weak link. with my current gear setup I have plenty of resource pools and 240 wpn damage before everything procs. Why does it feel like my DPS is weak half the time? Any suggestions would be welcome.
D'ecado V12 Nightblade
Decado rahl v12 Dk
Officer of TKO
  • spryler
    My first character was a NB, but I have since switched my main to another class. Also, I have never downloaded a damage meter (I am philosophically opposed to them - I understand their importance, I just think the game loses something when you start worrying about numbers on each fight). Basically I'm saying take this with a grain of salt.


    Lethal arrow is usually just an opener and should not be in your regular rotation due to it's long cast time. My main stamina attacks are light/heavy attack weaved with poison arrow. I know it's not optimal because of the DOT on poison arrow, but its low cost and does some initial damage.

    I also have Degeneration and Funnel Health on my bar. I always cast Degeneration right before funnel health to get the Mage Guild bonus on the Funnel Health. This makes for a stronger nuke and a stronger self-HOT. If I am full of mana I will spam funnel health just to do damage (basically a magicka dump). This tends to get the mobs attention away from the tank pretty consistently so I think it is good dps.

    Mark target is a good choice as the armor penetration is helpful, but I believe one of your set bonuses may do the same thing. The other slot(s) can be utility for whatever, and of course Flawless Dawnbreaker as ultimate.

    Using degeneration and funnel health make for excellent survivability (degeneration - light and heavy attacks heal you). I have always liked the self healing classes, so this appeals to me personally.

    I'm sure this is not the ideal set up and hopefully wiser NBs will correct me, but hopefully this gave you an idea or two.
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