[EU] [DC] Lux Arcana seeks small guilds for partnership

Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild that was established in 2004. We as a guild have featured in numerous MMOs over the years such as Darkfall, EVE, Everquest II, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR and Vanguard to name a few. We are an organised guild and have a fairly mature easy going members.

However we aren't as big in ESO as we would like to be, but don't want to be assimilated by a big guild in order to have more numbers. We wish to keep our own identity and therefore we would like to offer a partnership to other small guilds like us so that together we can achieve more within the game.

We can offer voicecomms (Mumble) to our partners in order to aid our mutual communication.

If interest please contact @allicus in game or send a PM to Aydin on our website luxarcana.org/
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