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Looking for a Eu orc focused light rp guild

I'm looking for a light casual rp guild focused on orcs I'm a vr8 dragon knight orc called korgrim ironarm a 2handed wielding heavy armour wearing werewolf.

Want a guild that appreciates a good backstory but is very laid back who does pve pvp guild runs and all but with a orc theme
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  • Feynn
    Hi Korgrim, and sorry for the very late reply! I should look at these official forums more often... We have some great Orc RP over in the Daggerfall Covenant in the EU. The person you want to contact is Kry gra-Ushann. Here is a link to his Enjin profile:

    This is connected to the EU DC main OOC RP guild, Stormhaven RP. Have a look at our forum and see if it's something you might be interested in! :smile:
    Join us on Stormhaven RP! The largest TESO roleplay community of the Daggerfall Covenant, EU Megaserver.
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