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Stop demanding players have achievements to do trials!

Lukeh Shadyvale
Lukeh Shadyvale
This is drastically upsetting I believe. You've just reached V10-14 and think you're ready to take on a trial and yet the only people who public ally want people to do trials with are the ones who have already done it and demand you have also.

We've all seen something like "LFM AA link ach [Aetherien Archive]" basically looking for more people who have completed Aetherien Archive.
I've noticed as time goes on more and more people are asking that you already complete the trial otherwise they won't run it with you. Sad really as all of us can get TS and listen to you instruct us and we will do as we're told but that's not good enough because you know they were created already with the knowledge of how to run trials. *sigh*

So I've figured out a way for you to get in to a trial group without having to have actually done it and without begging the group runner to take pity on you're poor unfortunate, inexperience soul. You're a V14 healer? Who cares you've never done it before so you won't get it...

The way of doing it is simple. Group runners will ask that you LINK in chat your achievement to prove you've done it. A very weak way but whatever.
It's a shame they assume you can't do a trial yet they seem oblivious to this wonderful flaw for us experienced players too busy to have done a trial yet.
You can very simply find someone else in zone chat who has already linked achievement in chat, ask a friend or guildy just ask to see their achievement or something and they will show you or if you're lucky enough just play dumb to the leader and say "which one?" then they will link it and you just link it back.. Dun dur durh.

And as it directly copies the status of the achievement you linked it will show up as ticked and achieve when you send it!

Is this lying? Yes, of course it is. But when you complete it with them you will actually have the achievement so you can maybe message them and say "btw I lied" clear the air and prove to group leaders that not having the trial achievement does not automatically make you unable to do it. People got the achievement some how before without the inept requirements to do trials.

Have fun trialling ;D
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  • ElfFromSpace
    My guild, Dominion Imperial Guard, does a Trials Training 1-2 times per week. I love it because I had the same problem, being left behind for trials either because my DPS wasn't high enough or because I hadn't done them. Perhaps you need to look for a guild that has a training aspect.

    Having a pre-planned training run also makes it MUCH less stressful if we do fail, which happens fairly often. I wiped out my party twice by dropping a Nova too early once, or missing a Nova in a non training run. I also fell off the ledge during a battle with the Mage and was unable to get back into the combat. All of this stuff can be very frustrating for someone who just wants to get the quest done and move on, so knowing in advance that it's a training run means we can laugh it off and learn from it.
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  • HeroOfNone
    There are several types that do trials.

    The ones that check those achievements are ones going for fast time runs and are looking for a pitch hitter to help them do it. It's a competitive race against every other group running trials and your typical power grind vr14 with green gear is just an albatross to them with the high likely hood of death, slow horses not jumping the cliff, and lowner dps that just drags the fight out. Not saying I agree with the required achievement, but it makes sense for a quick recruiting method.

    So what can you do to join this group without lying? Try:
    1. Link your gear set and explain your build. Most folks want to know that either s food buff you're going to be 2600 HP so you won't be one shot by the wisp mother's aoe or the mages 30% aoe. They also will want to know you can do some sustained damage. Control builds and burst builds are good in dungeons and pvp but in trials you may need more.
    2. Show them you have some abilities in the game's PVE side. Explain how you'very done vet crypt of hearts or city of ash. It shows you know how to adapt and pay attention to game mechanics and not spam impulse.
    3. Watch streams and youtube videos on AA ahead of time and explain what you need to do in the different fights. They want to know you have an idea what to f o, and those fights are up all over, so just do a little homework.
    4. Mention you have teamspeak. If you say you have teamspeak first thing you may not even need the rest as a vr14. Others may have the achievement, but someone that can listen to commands has a lot higher chance of not messing up.
    5. Consider going for a different type of group. If folks are looking for a speed run then maybe you need to train up a bit more before going with yhem. Certain groups will go for the first 2-3 bosses to farm gear. Others will go all the way to the end just for the weekly reward. Others are guild runs trying to skill up their guildmates. Just wait around a little bit, they will come in time, don't be discord get just because you can't get in right away!

    Hope this helps some folks =3
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