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The DinoDefense (Veteran Templar PvE Tank Build) 38% HT!!

Soul Shriven
Hey, I’ve been playing an Altmer Templar Tank since the closed beta and have been thinking about/weaving my way into this build for awhile. I think this is one of the best builds for templar tank modality, but there are certainly other good builds out there! Please critique and inquire–I am always looking for ways to make this build better.
This is a PvE focused build! Although, the healing taken may have it’s benefits with PvP… i haven’t explored any PvP alterations of this build.

This is a Templar tanking build I’ve been working on for a few weeks. For lack of a better name I’m calling it The DinoDefense.

The DinoDefense build is oriented around easing the Healer’s job, Damage Mitigation, and Magicka regeneration.

Where has/is this build been/applicable?

-All Veteran Dungeons


-AA (&AA HM)


-Normal DSA

-Veteran DSA

-All other end-game group content.

Stats (unbuffed):

Max Magicka_____1384/2455

Max Health_____3214/3162 (soft cap)

Max Stamina_____1283/2455

Magicka Recovery_____ 110/137

Health Recovery_____45/97 (71/97 with Radiant Aura)

Stamina Recovery_____67/132 (115/132 with Radiant Aura)

Spell Damage_____93/135

Spell Crit_____0%

Spell Resistance_____1791/2020

Weapon Damage_____153/203

Weapon Crit_____0%

Armor_____2390/2020 (soft cap)

Extended Stats (unbuffed):

Atk Poewr_____141

Spell Resistance_____51

Healing Taken_____ 23% (38% with Restoring Focus)

Mundus stone = Atronach for Magicka Recovery


First of all, Gear:

4 pieces of the Immortal warrior set (Yokeda)

+8% Healing Taken; +129 Max Health

Head/Shoulders/Chest/Belt (all with +Max Health Enchant)

3 Pieces of the Akaviri Dragonguard set (Dragon)

+11 Magicka Recovery & +4% Healing Taken

Legs (+Max Health)
Gauntlets (+Max Magicka)
Shield (+Stamina) (SECONDARY WEAPON)

4 Pieces of the Unassailable Set

+126 Max Health & +8% healing

Jewelry: Neck/ring/ring (all Shield-Play Enchantment)
Shield (+Stamina) (PRIMARY WEAPON)

2 Piece Seducer Set

+12 Magicka Recovery

Sabatons (+max Health enchant)

Swordx2 (Absorb Stamina Enchantments)
Nirncrux would be best as well. (I do not have Nirncrux yet ): )

DISCLAIMER==== MY GEAR IS NOT TOP LEVEL. Most of my gear is v12, some v14. Also, All of my gear is Purple! (minus the jewelry)=======


Bar 1

Pierce Armor

Absorb Magicka

Restoring Focus

Blazing Shield (Silver Leash if Chains are needed)

Radiant Aura

ULT = Empowering Sweep

Bar 2

Inner Beast

Breath of Life

Ring of Preservation

Blazing Spear (could also be Luminous Shards for group Magicka at the expense of DPS)

Blinding Flashes
Order: Taunt; Light Attack; Restoring Focus; Light attack; Radiant Aura; Light attack; Blazing Spears; light attack; Ring of Preservation; Light attack; *Blinding Flashes; Repeat as needed.
The key is to not go too quickly with your rotation otherwise you will burn through your Magicka pool. taking time to ensure taunts are re-applied should be adequate time to restore magicka–unless you are using inner beast. If that is the case, CUT OUT ALL DPS SPELLS, focus on keeping Resto Focus, Radiant Aura, & ring of Pres up.

*— use only in tight situations or as needed. Does not affect large mobs.

Alternate Heavy mitigation Bar 2

Inner Beast

Ring of Preservation

Breath of Life


Bone Shield

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