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DK Bubble Tank.

DK Bubble Tank.

Purpose - To provide group defense and self defense along with versatile aoe dps and CC and incredible resource management. The best part of this build is that it provides a sustainable, nearly spammable bubble for the whole group making it easier for them to live through aoe mistakes and enrages. It also puts less strain on your healer because you are taking 1k damage off every power attack along with an already strong defense.

Mundus stone - Atronach + Magicka recovery
Food - Health + Stamina (Enriched Honey Brittle)
Attribute skew 13M 46H 3S
Health = 3237
Magicka = 1888
Stamina = 1507
Magicka Recovery = 147
Stamina Recovery = 98 with GDB 127
* plus PvP buffs.

Armor Sets.
5 Heavy Seducer > Reinforced > 5 Health Glyphs
5 Warlock > 2 Armor and 3 Jewelry > 1 Jewelry Magicka Recovery > 2 Jewelry Stamina Recovery. (V1 rings are fine)

Weapon sets.
Bar1. Torug's Pact Sword and Shield. +spell damage
Bar 2. Deaths Wind Sword and Shield. + Armor (optional Ashen grip for +health)
*Health and reinforced trait on shield, Stat restore glyphs on weapons.

Bar1 AOE DPS and long range tanking
1. Reflective scales - Either morph
2. Draw Essence
3. Burning Talons - (optional choking talons for group defense)
4. Inner Beast (cheap 28m ranged taunt)
5. Cinder Storm
U. Standard of might

Bar1 in use.

Trash waves - At the beginning of a trash wave start the fight and pop Cinder Storm where the group is most likely to converge and use talons and draw essence to dps the adds. Keep Cinder Storm underneath because it provides a miss chance to protect the group, it builds ultimate, and it is a 60% snare so it will keep the mobs locked down even when talons cannot. Use inner beast to taunt the ranged mobs and reflective scales to harm them. Drop your Standard of Might freely. Your DPS rotation is to keep Cinder Storm down, and run Talons, then Draw Essence, then Talons. Draw Essence has an inhale and an exhale, if you recast Draw Essence before it's done it will clip the exhale so weave Talons in between.

Ranged boss fights - Use inner beast to taunt a ranged boss and reflective scales to dps him. If the boss has any ground aoe, or ground waves you will have plenty of warning to avoid them and you can keep a clear path for the boss attacks to travel through so that it avoids your group members.

Bar 2.
1. Green Dragon Blood
2. Igneous Shield
3. Defensive Posture (either morph)
4. Crippling Slash
5. Pierce Armor
U. Flawless Dawnbreaker

Bar 2 in use.
Boss fights - Keep Pierce Armor up for the armor debuff so that your dps can hit harder. Keep Crippling Slash up to lower the bosses damage by 15% and build ultimate on each hit. Hold block the entire time. Use Igneous shield whenever a power attack or a red aoe shows up. Not only will this give you a 1k health shield it will give the group a 500 health shield. This will protect your entire group if they make a mistake and do not avoid a power attack or red ground aoe. It will also dull the blow on you which will make things easier on the healer. When you are able to dps use heavy attack weaving and crippling slash for the ultimate regen and stamina regen on heavy attacks. Flawless Dawnbreaker is there for the added weapon damage along with a cheap ultimate for stat restore.

Bubble Tank Technique.
  • The size of health bubbles/shields are determined by your max HP. This is why it is important to have a whole lot of HP. Try to get above 3k HP. Not only does it help you survive mistakes it will increase your bubble for the whole group. Your HP is the core aspect of this build. At the listed HP it provides a 1k bubble on the caster 500 on the group.
  • You can juggle Stamina by casting Igneous Shield and Cinder Storm. Due to the Helping Hands passive you will gain 5% Stamina when you cast any earthen heart ability, along with ultimate.
  • Keep GDB up for the 40% health recovery and the 30% stamina recovery.
  • Bar1 is your Magicka bar, Bar 2 is your Stamina Bar. If you are low on one switch to the other till it fills up. This will give you 2 resource bars to tank from.

Why this build works.
1. Excellent AOE DPS and mob management. 1-2k AOE dps with excellent resource management, AOE CC, and ranged management....while tanking!

2. Excellent Defense for you and the group
  • -15% Boss power due to crippling slash that protects the group and you
  • 1k Damage shield for you and 500 for the group which protects both you and the group from power attacks, and ground AOE. Pop it as soon as you see any power attacks or any red AOE on the ground. Do it for you and the group because it's nearly spammable at this level of resource management.
  • Cinder Storm provides a 30% miss chance for all enemies effected along with a snare.
  • Infinite block due to heavy armor and defensive posture. Extra block mitigation due to defensive posture.
3. Excellent resource management in Heavy armor
  • 28% block cost reduction through heavy armor and defensive posture
  • 30% stamina recovery through GDB
  • 5% stamina recovery for every earthen heart ability
  • Faster ultimate regen for battle roars through crippling slash.
  • -14% spell cost from seducer set and 2 light armor.
  • Undaunted mixed armor stat increase
  • Overcharged Magicka Recovery, almost OC in stamina recovery with GDB along with 24 Stamina and Magicka every 2 seconds on hit from constitution (heavy armor passive, amount based on HP)
  • 693 Magicka restore every minute from warlock 5 piece bonus.
  • * It's like being in full light armor and full medium armor at the same time.
4. Excellent Aggro Management
  • 28 meter range taunt using Magicka from Inner Beast
  • Melee taunt using Stamina from Pierce Armor
  • 2 separate resource pools to use to maintain aggro.
  • AOE Root from Talons
  • 60% ground snare to hold mobs in place that exceed the 6mob cap of Talons.
  • Shackle Synergy from Standard of Might
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