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Better dungeon-grouping-interface.

Soul Shriven
The grouping tool fails, pretty damn hard to be viable let alone any use; like others, many of us come from a background of enjoying dungeon content and with the tool in place currently, it fails.

I personally feel that, this game would benefit from perhaps an additional box or an option to view current groups in your area for dungeons, as in, groups that are actively seeking players and those looking for a group could simply click a button requesting a position within that group.

Also perhaps even additional information under the group/s indicating the current status, such as:

"Waiting for more players"
"Inside dungeon"
"Last boss".

This is just a draft but you get the initial concept.

This would not only give an overall idea of how many people are looking for groups/how many active dungeon groups but also grant players a viable and visual aid in participating in dungeons.

First thread, go easy...
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