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Vet Darkshade - 1 tank 1 healer and 2 stamina DPS, can it be done?

Do you guys think a vet darkshade run could be done now with 2 stam DPS? I dont do dungeons often but the new gear dropped in this dungeon has me wanting to participate :smile:

We ran this group setup and we manged to get to the final boss, but it was pretty late so we scrapped it. We were trying to kite the boss with snipe (and its morphs) and it was working well for the couple tries we had but was very slow. Is it slow for other more polished dungeon crews?

I had about 900 DPS using this snipe method when i could attack him but it was hard to deliver lots of consecutive hits without being interrupted by poison or adds. Any tips on how we could do this better/faster?
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  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    I did yesterday with a VR14 party with also last death challenge
    We died allot yes and lasted like 1h:30 but we did it
  • Aeratus
    I'm sure you can do it with 2 stam DPS. It's just harder, because the healer has to heal everybody, and there are lots of AOEs that cause the group to spread out. With 2 magicka DPS, everybody can simply swap to resto staff and offheal whenever needed.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    With the exception of one boss (more the adds than the boss, actually), this one doesn't matter as much, in regard to where your DPS comes from. Many of the fights favor ranged, working equally well with bows as with spells.

    A lot of it will have to do with who your leader is, as scaling is now a factor.
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  • Xexpo
    I healed it y'day with a 2hd & a dual wield dps.
    Wasn't too bad, only one wipe in the beginning, as I had to get used to their overall squishyness.
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  • eserras7b16_ESO
    It is possible to do it yes :)
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  • xaraan
    yes, no problem at all (I'd say the same thing about it before the buffs yesterday as well)
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  • timidobserver
    The squid boss will give your healer fits if both dps are stam, but everything else should be easy.
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  • Qyrk
    Well lets say as a sorc tank, it's fine. Have a sorc healer and 2 stam nb. If a tank can switch to dps (like I did) on last boss and second to last boss, it helps with dps.
  • JackDaniell
    Thanks for the heads up guys :)
    The squid boss will give your healer fits if both dps are stam, but everything else should be easy.

    Also, this boss was one of the easiest, I used bombard throughout and repentance when I would wipe the mobs (Stamina Templar win!). The immobilize helped to the point that our healer went DPS and only had to heal a couple times.
    Ebonheart Templar
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