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ANZAC Guild (PC-US | GMT+10 Australian/Oceanic | PvX | DC/Cross Faction)


Australia & New Zealand Army Corps (of ESO) is looking for more recruits! We are predominantly a Daggerfall Covenant guild but we welcome members from all factions.

Guild ethos:

The intent of this guild is simply to create a social base for easy grouping of Australian and New Zealander players. We don't have any strict rules for our members, and In ESO, players have the ability to join up to 5 guilds so feel free to join ANZAC along side of your friends guild. Our core members will be representing ANZAC at all times so you will always be able to find a group with us. We have over 130 members who range from casual to hardcore, so you will always be able to find other players to run with at whatever pace you feel comfortable. We are a PvX guild also specializing in crafting and want to enjoy all that the game has to offer.

About us:

We are a bunch of real life mates from a local gaming community and have created a mature and friendly guild for Australian and New Zealander ESO players. Our staff founded and managed a few clans/guilds in other games. The largest of which, is in Marvel Heroes ARPG and boasts around 130 members. While we are not exclusively for Australia and New Zealand, we are exclusively English speaking. Any players from south east Asia, or anywhere around the world for that matter, are welcome to join. We are mostly in GMT +10 time zone so if that matches your play times give us a shout.


We have set up home at using a Facebook group that our players use as a base of communication. We use this group to get to know each other, share tips and strategies, and for general out of game chit chat. We also have an Australian based, 50 slot Mumble server.

If you aren't quite sure which guild you want to join, Id like to invite you to hangout on mumble with us for a while. Once you have a little chat and get to know us, it might make your decision easier.

While it will be highly beneficial to use the, Facebook group, and mumble, members are not required to do so.


ANZAC guild is open for anyone to join. We don't have strict rules or any requirements to join, but any players found to be disruptive or abusive will be removed. To join, either join message:


Good luck fellow adventurers, and I hope to see you among the ranks of ANZAC!
  • James-Wayne
    Looks the goods to me! :smile:
    PERTH, AUSTRALIA | PC | NAMain CharactersJames-Wayne | Orc | Templar, Arox-The'Destroyer | 'Nord | Dragonknight, Lili’an-Stormcloak | High Elf | Sorcerer, Purr'fect | Khajiit | Nightblade, Lily'Frostfang | Breton | Warden, Lilith-Zengo | Dark Elf | Nightblade, Sees-Life-N'Death | Argonian | NecromancerSupport CharactersZanthia-Dragon'Fire | High Elf | Dragonknight, Hodor-Stoneheart | Nord | Templar, Heals-All-Hearts | Argonian | Templar, Zohan-Beastmaster | Wood Elf | Sorcerer, Swamp-Bog'Stuga | Orc | Necromancer, Simon-Snow'Wolfbear | Nord | Warden, Shadows-of-Blood'N'Stone | Argonian | Nightblade
  • like1tiger
    This guild is a really friendly social guild with plenty of people that are willing to help anyone that needs it. I highly recommend them.
  • aeriantempesta
    Soul Shriven
    Is recruitment still open?

    Kinda looking for a PvE main guild... Getting a bit bored going solo in ESO... I'm from Singapore (GMT +8) with a VR3 (99%) Templar. I play DPS/Heal hybrid.

    Mainly looking for a guild to chill with/trial with/maybe occasionally pvp with?
  • Tubbybear
    Yup, we're still looking for more people to chill with. Send me a message (@Tubbybear) or the Guild Master (@Khaotick)
  • Tubbybear
    Bump for patch 1.5!
  • Tubbybear
    ANZAC is still looking for more members to join our guild! Looking for more dungeon crawlers, pvp'ers, trials runners, and minions for our Queen @Khaotick‌ :D
    Edited by Tubbybear on November 26, 2014 6:17AM
  • Tashira_Ronin
    Awesome guild of lovely people
    NA/PC/DC - played since beta
  • ParryForte
    Soul Shriven
    While resurrecting this thread is a bit necro, is this guild still a thing? The messages here appeal to me, but I get some account-not-found messages when trying to contact in-game.
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