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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live's Next Episode: 10/24"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article "ESO Live's Next Episode: 10/24." Join us at 4:00PM EDT for the next episode of ESO Live on Twitch!

Check out the article for a rundown of what you can expect in this episode.
Jason Leavey
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  • SlayerSyrena
    Nice lineup. Can't wait! :)
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  • Kahl_dur
    Silly question, but how do I watch the live episode tomorrow? Is there a link?
  • Shayu
    Please discuss the changes to werewolves, many of us do not feel it is ready for live.
  • Darkonflare15
    Kahl_dur wrote: »
    Silly question, but how do I watch the live episode tomorrow? Is there a link?

    You have to have a twitch account and then go to the elder scrolls online page. The video should pop up around mid day.
  • Bloodystab

    Can community have access to "3D Viewer" for in game assets?

    It would be awesome if we could create some Machinimas like World of Warcraft players can :)

    I know TESO is not Skyrim or anyother TES game but i had a lot of fun doing some stuff as 3d artist or mods.
  • twistedmonk
    Please include a link to the live show in future posts!
  • Bloodystab
    I give link then:

  • Harleyquincey
    Thanks for the great episode this week and a special thank you for finally answering my curiosity about the Argonian sacrifice obsession. So from now on I shall consider it ..ahem.. "acts of bravery".

    Very well then, I heard a sack of wheat fell down a cart in Mournhold.. aaand there's already an entire crowd of very, veeery brave Argonians assembling! ;)
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  • Daenerys
    I appreciate that part of my question about hirelings was addressed. However, I believe @ZOS_PaulSage misunderstood. The hirelings did in fact change about one month ago. Pacrooti is no more. Abnab bub buy. Gavin gone. Valinka vanished. They did not give notice, they all just disappeared. Why? Did Pacrooti get eaten by that senche-tiger he wanted to buy?

    I really enjoyed their stories, and while it is nice that you added new hirelings, it would have been better to at least have the originals give notice. I thought the new hirelings were perhaps the night ones in the 12 hour system, that is not the case, they are replacements.

    The replacements are bland in comparison, and they do not give good materials. I have 3/3 in all, and am tired of only getting 5 void bloom or 4 nightwood. No tomatoes or oats since the change either.

    I'm not the only one who noticed:
    Edited by Daenerys on October 24, 2014 11:19PM
  • Semfim
    Daenerys wrote: »
    Did Pacrooti get eaten by that senche-tiger he wanted to buy?

    Pacrooti sent me a friendly email yesterday...
  • Elloa
    It was great show and nice of you to feature a member of the community like you did!
    I enjoyed a lot the Q&A with Paul Sage, and I really like the develloper Eric. I like his enthousiastic, honnest and simple way of speaking about his work and what his team is trying to do!
  • LonePirate
    All four of these shows have been awesome. Please keep making them!
  • philroberts79b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    why is there no link to twitch or youtube for ESO Live episode 4 ????
  • Daenerys
    Semfim wrote: »
    Daenerys wrote: »
    Did Pacrooti get eaten by that senche-tiger he wanted to buy?

    Pacrooti sent me a friendly email yesterday...

    Enjoy Pacrooti while he lasts, for one day he will be replaced by Marog the Hammer (whose name would make more sense as a blacksmith IMO). Pacrooti's mails were my favorite of them all.

  • Windshadow_ESO
    still not at the youtube page for zenmax
  • Windshadow_ESO
    its up at last thanks to whoever fixed it
  • HeroOfEvbof
    I'm not sure why everyone is upset about the hireling stories changing.

    I had four provisioning hirelings from mid may. Every single one of them gave me absolutely no story at all throughout June and July. All I got was "here is your stuff". Gavin's story came to an end.

    Valinka's story ended as well. I have three toons that were getting Valinka mails. By the time the new hirelings came online, one of those toons were getting a message from Karamel telling me Valinka was training with Narsus. I got those for at least a month. My other two blacksmith toons got Valinka mails while my eldest blacksmith got the new hireling stories. When my last blacksmith toon got to the end of Valinka's story, it changed.

    For example: Here are the screenshots of my blacksmith mails from 9/17, a couple days after the new hirelings came online:
    These two show that my two blacksmiths were not too far apart in their chapters of the Valinka story
    But my eldest toon was now on Aksel

    The last set of Valinka mails is the saga of The Veiled Lady

    Here are some screenshots from a couple days ago. One toon is getting Margog the other is still getting Pacrooti

    I am pretty sure the last set of Pacrooti mails is The Collector saga

    apud me omnia fiunt Mathematicè in Natura - Rene Descartes
  • nightwalkerrobin_ESO
    I really want to say that I was offended by Game Designer Eric Wrobel lying about the feedback they had received about the shortening of the werewolf timer. he states in this ESO Live that they had lots of positive feedback. Well I have read many, many of the posts concerning the werewolf (I have two of them) and in none of them did I see any "positive" feed back to the shortening of the timer. Mr. Wrobel, I would suggest you read what the players have posted in the forums about the timer. I think you will fine you are greatly confused as to what the werewolf player community wants.

    Thank you.
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