Hireling Contracts Changing?

I've noticed that the hirelings/ messages will change at random every so often... Why is this? Is it a little bug or were they designed that way?

I'm dying to know how Abnab and Ezdab are doing, they left without even a goodbye! And what happened to Firilanya, is she alive?
  • Rosveen
    Do you mean they keep switching back and forth or you just got a new hireling? Because the latter is normal. The first set of hirelings send about 100 letters each, then they are replaced with new ones. Their messages end kinda abruptly and it's quite annoying... I don't know why ZOS decided to do it this way instead of continuing their adventures.
  • Daenerys
    This happend to me too! I thought that perhaps I was finally seeing the night hirelings (the whole 12 hr system is ridiculous) since I've been playing more, but nope. Abnab and Pacrooti are gone! No 2 week notice or anything :'(
  • cazzandra
    Just got new... Kinda gutted that it's normal and I'll never get the end of those stories :(
  • cazzandra
    Thanks for answer tho!
  • rotaugen454
    Well, being a hireling is dangerous business, so I bet a lot of them "disappear"...
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    I think a particular hireling 'group' is directly tied to either character level, crafting level, or zone (normal, silver, gold)

    I've lower level characters that receive mats from the original set of characters (they repeat after a bit) and I have higher level characters that receive from the 2nd set of hirelings.
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  • Unknown_poster
    The hirelings had a set number of messages they would send and then they were done. ZOS didn't think most people would actually follow the storyline and just delete them. They proved to be hugely popular, so a patch or so back they added a new batch. You may have run through all those too now. So no more until they release another batch.
  • driosketch
    The hirelings only have so many letters before they start sending you repeated generic letters. With the last patch they introduced a new set. You'll start to see them once you get through the old hireling letter sets. I think each character saves your spot, so to see old letters you would need to start a new character, but I haven't tested this.

    Two of my hirelings had someone let me know they needed to take a leave of absence. The other two just cut off mid story. I've started to really two of the new hirelings, but one is just plain bad. One of the mods said the old hirelings will make a come back at some point.
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