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[NA/EP] Draconian Argentum is looking to expand our RP player base. [PVP, PVE, RP Guild]

Soul Shriven

Draconian Argentum is a chivalric order looking for new members. Our aim is to create a friendly and diverse community to enjoy PVP, PVE and RP together! We are just beginning to get the RP side of our Guild up and going and are open to all levels of players. Whether you are a hardcore RP player or someone who wants to try it out for the first time, Draconian Argentum is a safe and friendly Guild to join.


What is known about the Draconian Argentum is that it is a reformed Chivalric Order from ages past.

Its reformation was conducted by two adventurers, Skaldjorn, an exiled nord distrusted in his own homeland and Nailawyn, an Elsweyr runaway khajiit that found glory and recognition in the Ebonheart Pact.

With Skaldjorn's knowledge and origins and Nailawyn's prestige, they were able to reform the Order and estabilish it as a force to be reckoned with within the Pact.


As a Chivalric Order, the Draconian Argentum promotes its members into knighthood through a special ceremony held every fifteen days or so.

After a period of trial, all the Whelps (recruits) considered worthy of wearing our colors are called upon to this special event where they'll swear allegiance and celebrate their new path as a Dragon, a knight and full member of the Draconian Argentum!
As a Dragon, their age will be known by the number of the ceremony they were promoted. For example, you could be a "Dragon of the 34th generation".


One must always be respectful and cordial. We're among brothers and sisters: reasoning should always come before aggression.

One must never abuse their kin; try to be generous and avoid charging for services, items, help and other 'profitable opportunities' unless it's exceptionally necessary.

One must never behave like a beggar. We're here to help and grow together as one, but we also have our own lives and priorities - and this must be understood by everyone. Asking for help is encouraged, but If you can't find what you require at a time, don't insist or pressure everyone over it.
One must always respect other people's opinions, beliefs and styles. This includes anything, from sexuality and religion to playstyle, for example. RP is encouraged and intolerance towards it's practice will be seen as a violation of this rule.

One must know that respect must be earned and authority should be fought. The presence of an hierarchy is no more than an organizational structure based on responsibility, loyalty and time. On every other aspect, from Whelps to the Grandmaster, we are equals. Every kind of power abuse and/or oppression from 'supposedly' higher to lower positions should be reported.

And finally, one should always remember that there is no single 'one'. We are one.

PST @haylestorm if interested or check out our site at
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