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[EU][DC] eXile Recruiting |PvP Focussed|


Guild Name: eXile
Guild Website:
Nationality: Multi National but English Speaking.
Campaign: Thornblade
Time Zone: BST/GMT
Guild Type: PvP Focussed

eXile was founded in 1999 as a PK guild on ultima online, Over the years we have branched out to different forms of MMO enviroments to get the most of the games we play.

We have played most of the big MMO's and also some of the lesser known MMO's, We've been on Darkfall, AoC, Myth of Soma, Ultima Online, Rift, MU, Eve, SWG, SWTOR, to name a few.

Success is in our blood and we strive to work hard to achieve our goals.

We are looking for players who want to achieve to be the best and to win campaigns for the Daggerfall Covenant.

We would consider ourselves semi-hardcore, We run groups pretty much constantly with official raiding consisting of 4 days, Which your expected to turn up to at least 3.

The requirements to join are as follows;
  • Teamspeak 3
  • PvP focussed with willingness to learn new things.
  • Willingness to change gear and build for raids.
  • Be able to understand basic English.
  • VR10 or above, Exceptional applications may be considered.
  • Be able to turn up at least 3 times per week to our official raids
  • Sence of humour!
  • Team player.

Even though we are an organised guild, We have a very friendly atmosphere. We also use Whatsapp to chat outside the game to post epic selfies! but this is not a requirement :open_mouth:

To apply go to and go to the 'Apply Now' section and post a new thread using the template provided in the stickies.

Any questions you can contact me ingame


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Clan Leader of eXile
Gaming Community - Est. 1999
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