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[AD/NA/Non-Vet/Vet] Dominion Imperial Guard

Hey Everyone,
I am Faythe, Non-Vet PvP officer in Dominion Imperial Guard (DIG).

Here is what we are looking for in our soldiers:

-Willing to learn!
-Willing to use Teamspeak (It is not mandatory, nor do you need a mic. But it is a great communication tool and we highly recommend it)

Questions? Please contact me (@badevilrox) in-game or on this post.
Look for us in zone chat and join our ranks.

Thank you & See you on the battlefield,

Edited by Badevilrox on September 25, 2014 3:50PM
  • Dontezz
    Wow a pvp guild that is actually cool with a cool pvp officer! :)
  • Mondrely
    I've been looking for a new PvP guild, the one I'm in seems like it's about to fall apart. Vet14 sorc healer here :smile:
  • Badevilrox
    we are still welcoming new members ;D
  • Badevilrox
    Hate to keep bumping, But we are still accepting new members. We have expanded into other campaigns and PVP almost every night.
  • Badevilrox
    We have started to do raffles to support our guild store, currently located near the Undaunted Pledges in Grahtwood :D Raffles include things like Nirnhoned Items, custom sets of armor and sometimes motifs, donated by other guildies.
  • oblivionshadowknight
    Soul Shriven
    hey, im a new player and at the moment am just running PvE because of it. however i am part of a highly ranked competitive group for mechwarrior online (228 IBR) and would love to do the same once i can rank up a character. TS for me is a 24/7 thing so shoot me your address and ill hop on.
  • Balerion_Brightspell
    Soul Shriven
    I'm about to max out my first character and I'm not exactly sure what to do after and am definitely looking to Cyrodil next, I'm a lvl 42 sorc under the name Balerion Brightspell and if you can't find me that way for some reason my account name is Dr._fate
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