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[NA-DC] Order of the Crimson Mask (Occult/Secret Society)


The Order of the Crimson Mask is both sanctuary and shadow college, a secret society for those drawn together by a shared pursuit of forbidden knowledge and the cabalistic allure of the architects of Oblivion.

The Order may be joined by any who profess earnest worship of a Daedric Prince, but first they must find and earn the trust of an existing member. They are also welcoming of the “Daedra-curious” - although acolytes must commit to the same oaths of secrecy to protect the identities of their fellow devotees.


Due to poor communication between branches that cross political boundaries, the Order’s origins are indeterminate. But it likely began in Telvanni-controlled Morrowind, where the most active cabals still exist. Despite being outlawed by the Ordinators of the Tribunal, the sect has long sought to establish legitimacy for itself in that land, and to separate itself from more zealous cults and unpopular Ashlander tribal associations.

They enjoyed a rapid expansion into Cyrodiil during the reign of Emperor Leovic, but went fully underground after Varen’s civil war and the re-assertion of anti-Daedric Imperial policy. More recently, the Soulburst and the ongoing political upheavals in central Tamriel have largely shut down the Order’s operations in lands under siege by the Worm Cult.

In High Rock, the Order is still an unknown entity (and prefers to keep it that way, for now). Casualties from the Alliance War and the Knahaten Flu have been high, threatening some cells with near extinction. Furthermore, the Mages Guild continues to spread paranoia and fear towards necromancers, conjurers, and other independent mages - often advocating a “zero-tolerance” policy - making recruitment difficult due to fear of retribution for allegedly treasonous acts.


The Order of the Crimson Mask is a guild in the Daggerfall Covenant faction of Elder Scrolls Online, founded in August 2014. Its creators are two uppity women who finally got tired of the lack of proper Daedra-worshipping outlets, and decided to roll our own.

However, we are not a “proper” guild. Due to our being late-bloomers, and the five guild limit in ESO, we expect that many members will not be part of the guild in-game, but only know of each other through this website and shared friend-listing. Because most of us are also in The Covenant Collective (an OOC guild for the entire faction), this is less of a problem than it would seem.

Furthermore, almost all members are also in other player guilds (as well as in-game ones) simultaneously. This is generally how it’s supposed to be - we’re not a “full-time guild” (an exclusive organization that takes care of its members, providing housing and employment). And the infiltration angle works to the benefit of the guild theme.

We’re also primarily focused on storytelling, rituals, and antagonistic social RP - particularly plots revolving around deep psychological and philosophical themes - as opposed to “adventure RP”, PVX, or large scale GM’ed events. We will gladly work with members to assist them in finding outlets for these needs, as we are friends with other guildmasters.

Mooks/redshirts (alts that are meant to die)? We love playing them, and hopefully you do too! And believe me, things WILL die on occasion. Just usually not monsters.

Because we’re roleplaying a secret organization, there shouldn’t be much information available about the Order to outsiders. Discretion regards any sort of in-character metagaming is key to making this work… thus there will be parts of the Forums, for example, visible only to guild members (not just site members). The initiation oaths will stress this ICly.

We gave ourselves some fake history, and you can assume there are plenty more Masks than there are IC members. NPC members are assumed to be mainly spread out over other parts of Tamriel, but most heavily concentrated in Morrowind.


Recruitment is handled via in-character meetings (please contact us OOCly first, or register on this website). It might happen after a simple meeting, or it might take several. We try to keep the flow “natural”, though part of this process is a mutual feeling-out to make sure both you and your character would fit in well with us on social, creative and intellectual levels.

You are expected to have a backstory and sense of "self" -- if you need help developing one, just ask and we can brainstorm ideas. There should be a solid IC reason why your character ends up within the Order -- whether as an active advocate of one of its causes, an employee, or a pawn (mooks and antagonists are the exception).

Those who will find the Order a comfortable home are those with a twisted sense of humor, good knowledge of (or interest in) the darker side of the Elder Scrolls mythos, and a love of psychological games, mischief, and esoteric rituals.

If you are: easily offended, have a large e-peen, don’t want your character “damaged”, or are emotionally sensitive - the Order is NOT for you, because we will not constrain ourselves to prevent offending gentle sensibilities. Egos are considered expendable. We value maintaining an interesting story, and entertaining our "audience" over character aggrandizement. We also prefer members to be over 18 (or at least mature enough to handle themselves as adults) due to the mature and violent subject matter of some of our plots and scenes.

We tend to be RP hardasses as far as how our characters react to situations. That means always reacting to your environment in character, even if it hurts. But as much as we take our RP seriously, we joke around to keep our spirits light. Guild chat is OOC.

Loyalty in terms of not betraying the Order’s secrets, or exposing other members, is paramount. However, cooperation with other Masks is not. Some will have outright animosity, due to differing philosophies or opposing patron Princes. We are often quite cruel to each other, but it's always consensual OOCly and part of the fun. And if you're just a mean *** -- that is wonderful too, as long as you keep it IN CHARACTER. When in doubt, let others know of your intentions OOCly.

Openly committing criminal acts in Covenant towns will earn admonishment or disavowals. Subtlety is key, especially around Mages Guild members and traditional-minded clergy. To that end, we actively pursue infiltration of other guilds and recruitment of sympathetic minds within noble houses and other influential families.

Otherwise, you can pretty much do what you want - we have shy loners as well as heavy socializers. Just try not to work counteractive to any existing plotlines. Describe anything that might affect others on the forum. When in doubt, ask one of the officers, who are familiar with the current events and plots.

Matriarch: Ariel Jurard (@silent_banshee)
Red Right Hand: Undena Nyrandil (@DuchessOfKvetch)

Center of power: Rivenspire

Current Initiates and Persons of Interest: ...?

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