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Warlock Builds!!

Hello people! I'm sharing my Warlock builds with you guys. The basis for these builds is the Warlock class, from WoW. These are DoT dps builds with self healing. I have a build for every class based on a generic template.

This is the Template. It's very generic, there's no specific class passives adding to it nor does it take advantage of racials all that much. I use the Warlock equipment set (all warlock jewelry and 2 pieces of equipment) with all of the builds and usually the Magnus's Gift set in whatever armor I'm using for the build. The build only really requires the Warlock set for greatly increased magicka regen, and thus, higher dps ability.
Basically, the class relies on 3 abilities for it's DoT power: Siphon spirit, (For health and magicka regen) Consuming Trap (for multiDoTing and health regen), and Degeneration. (Longest DoT used to keep Siphon Spirit going, moderate damage output, and boosting the damage of other skills.) These skills allow you to heal over time, absorb magicka constantly, and build ultimate constantly.
The builds also usually include two class skills (a stun/cc/buff and another class skill, usually a DoT) that are used to buy time to cast Siphon Spirit and increase output, respectively. These differ from build to build and have a great impact on how the build will play.
The second set is a compliment to the resto build, usually used to AoE when being overwhelmed.

Basic play is done in the following steps:
1. Using stun/cc/buff move to prevent interruption of casting.
2. Casting Siphon Spirit.
3. Cast Degeneration. (This can also be done before casting Siphon Spirit to boost healing input.)
4. Cast Consuming Trap.
5. Cast Consuming Trap on enemy with lowest health.
6. Cast Slot 3 skill to build ultimate.

After you follow these steps, you basically use the stun/cc/buff move when the enemy gets close or Siphon Spirit runs dry and try to maintain distance. Repeat when the cycle dries up. (Every 20 seconds or so.) Use the healing staff heavy attack to regenerate faster.

As a matter of preference, I use the Hardening enchantment on the healing staff to slow down enemy DPS.

Here's some class specific builds:

Luminous Warlock (Templar) Decent PVP build with strong self healing.

Shadow Warlock (Nightblade) Higher healing, plays well in groups.

Dragonblood Warlock (Dragonknight) Hard to damage, good close combat.

Stormgod Warlock (Sorcerer) Very rapid movement, heavy on the AOE dps.

I'll post some other builds on here when I get some more time to experiment with them.
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