Upgrade my PC for ESO


my PC is about 2 years old. I can play most games fine, although not on Ultra settings. I get FPS drops in big Cyrodiil fights, which makes keep fights impossible to handle well for me. I am around 10-15 fps in those big fights.

Heres my PC:

AMD FX 4-Core @ 4,2 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti - 4k MB

Could i enhance my performance with a new graphic card or stronger processor?

Or should i buy a completely new PC and try to sell this one?
  • Elf_Boy
    What is the motherboard? You may be able to put in a faster CPU depending on the socket, or one with more cores.

    People will try and tell you that ESO is mostly run in a single core but that is misleading. The OS, as well as the NV Display driver are multi-threaded.

    Your CPU is not however 'bad' - you had just asked about upgrades.

    NV Just announced the GTX 970 @ $329 with 4gb vram. That would be quite a bit of a boost to rendering speeds.

    Even though the game engine itself isnt too CPU dependent NV Display drivers are and being able to support 6 or 8 threads would help.


    Magic Box #1 :
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    Magic Box #2
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