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out of deletes again... what should I create tomorrow?

I create new characters every time I can have a character slot open. I have no deletes left so I will have time to choose what to make tomorrow. If anyone knows of a fun class / race combo please feel free to share! I will most likely cancel my sub if I cannot get one to at least vet rank 1 before the next charge on my credit card.
  • shadowz081
    Define fun. The meaning of that word is different for each person...and vet 1 in a week? Easy I have seen people get vet12 in a few days.
  • staxjax
    Dragon knight mix of heavy/light armour. Fire staff, all flame aoe abilities (fire wall, dark talons, fire breath), dragon leap for ultimate. Put stat points wherever you want (I like mostly health and some magicka, stamina later if you want to use sword/shield as 2nd set to tank).
  • abigfishy
    If you are looking for power combos do not ask me but if you want to try something fun then I have a few.

    I made a Breton Sorc who was a tank using heavy armour, sword and shield and it was a ton of fun to play and very diferent from the usual run of the mill characters.

    I also made a NIghtblade Healer with restoration staff and light armour which was reallt bad for the first few levels but once she got to about level 10 she was incredibly fun and versitile.
    Level 50 Characters
    Odette Skullcrusher Nord DK EP Tank
    Hannah Smithee Breton Templar DC Healer
    Charlotte of the Wild Bosmer NB EP DPS
    Rabbath Amman Dark Elf Sorc EP DPS
    Lovely Twinkle High Elf Sorc AD Tank
    Nepith Dark Elf Warden EP Healer
    Tupac Shakoor Redguard Sorc DC Tank
    Faire the Last Snow Elf Altmer Warden EP Ice Staff Tank
    Soul-Shriven Breton Sorc DC DPS
    Makush gro-Shurgal Orc DK DC Tank
    Cleopatra Tharn Imperial Sorc EP Healer
    Daenerys Targaryin Nord Templar DC Healer
    Zar Saarshar Khajiit NB DC Thief
    Celrith High Elf Sorc EP Assassin
    Falcar Dark Elf NB DC Necromancer
    Myriam Blaylock Breton NB EP Vampire
    Nivrillin Wood Elf NB DC Werewolf
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