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New hirelings? Why?!

What did you have against Pacrooti and Valinka and Abnab that you just got rid of them and replaced them with these strange new people?

I happened to rather like Pacrooti's letters and was one of the (apparently few) who enjoyed reading them each time I logged on my crafting alt to pick them up.

Yet with this new patch, not only did you screw up the crafting system yet further.. you completely eliminated all of the original hirelings and replaced them with these new people I don't 'know' or care about?

And yet the first mail I got from one of them, some Makorg person, is saying "Hey! It's me! Makorg, again!" when before I had only been receiving (woodworking) mail from Pacrooti. My first reaction was, "Who the heck is this?"

Please, whoever you had drafting a bunch of new hireling mail, hit them over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Then have them read the -original- hireling mail and draft new ones that still come from the same hirelings!

Pacrooti gave me months of faithful service! I would not fire him and replace him with some strange orc!
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  • AlexDougherty
    People complained that after the story within them ended you just got the last mail repeatedly.

    I'm guessing they started new stories, but rolled them out to everyone. Fingers crossed, when the new stories finish, they may loop the original stories, then the new, then the original. So we always get a new mail when we check.
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  • Woolenthreads
    I'm still getting the Pacrooti Story. I think Alex is right, you're just getting the new stories.
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  • elowan
    I completely agree. I was at the "final" stage for woodworking/blacksmithing/clothing, and all three stories were stalled in a sort of "we'll get back to you soon!" stage (where you get the same email over and over again.) I'm glad they refreshed the emails, I rather enjoy reading them.

    That said, I agree with the OP, and I'm really disappointed that they appear to have simply started us in the middle of a new story. While Pacrooti's (WW) final email was nonsensical (just one of his regular emails, only repeated every day), both Valinka (BS) and Madam Firilanya (Cloth) had interesting stories that had reached nice junctions. I was waiting and very much looking forward to the continuation of both of their stories, and was very confused / disappointed when I logged in to a brand new set of disconnected emails.

    Pacrooti was always a (hilarious) series of ruminations, which they could have just continued, and Valinka/Firilanya were both intriguing storylines. I'm thrilled that they thought to add new emails, but confused by the methodology.
  • WarrioroftheWind_ESO
    I was kind of sad as well to not receive any new mails from the Redguard brothers either. I liked the dynamic between the nose to the grindstone scholar and the wannabe sword-saint. When the patch notes said 'new stories' I assumed they'd expand on these characters, or at least introduce a transition between them to the 'new' people. But nope. Poof. new people.

    It's like Charlie Brown and the Football. We'll never learn if Abnab ever becomes a sword-saint.
  • Grileenor
    I miss my Pacrooti. He was the best - by far. He alone has been worth it to log on daily. Give us Pacrooti back! Has someone finally captured him? Can we do something to free him, get him back on the road?

  • Crowzer
    I miss Valinka and Firilanya so much. I was really interested by their stories. Please, continue them !
  • Lynadianya
    Soul Shriven
    The writer's of Firilanya's story actually made me care about her. I have been waiting to find out if the treatment worked, hoping for the sake of a fictional character, that she was going to be well. I suppose the only answer to that question is ... no. I was very saddened to see that there were going to be no more mails from her.
  • Blackhorne
    I haven't reached the point where I've finished the first batch of hireling e-mails on any of my alts yet, but if Aksel is in the same form as he was in beta, he's at least as interesting as Valinka once you get to know him (albeit for different reasons...)

    I, too, will be sad once I'm done with Pacrooti's e-mails, though.
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  • ZOS_Psiion
    Greetings all,

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