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Caltrops damage scaling off of spell power/stamina

Now that ZoS has changed fighters guild abilities from their stamina/spell power combo to the traditional stamina/weapon power, why wasn't the same done for caltrops?

Stamina dps doesn't have much for good DoTs, and I feel putting caltrops on the side of pure stamina dps would go a long way towards the viability of stamina dps, both in adding variety and flat dps for those who will choose to use it.

As of now its on the fence and no one really gets full benefit out of it, I'd like to see that change like the fighters guild abilities.
  • Francescolg
    What bothers me more is its ultimate regen whick I think is insuffucient compared to other magicka-based gtae (/pbae) dot-/area-skills. Caltrops should give equal Ultimate Points, as well as Purge should restore Ultimates, because this is what some healers do all the time and it is not fair that fire-based classes as DK/Sorc may regenerate ultimate faster by simply raising crit and using their ae-tick based skills.
    I know that resto-staff is the way to go for ultimates, nonetheless other abilities do not reggen evenly.
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  • RinaldoGandolphi
    Not to necro a thread, but I unlocked caltrops the other day and I was kinda disappointed...sure its a large area snare, but it costs a boat load of stamina, it don't seem to build ulty very fast, I'm not sure what its good for other then throwing it in front of a zerg ball, even not sure its worth a skill slot.
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  • LonePirate
    @woodsro‌ Caltrops serves three purposes. It tags enemies for inclusion in your bounty kill quests and you receive some AP if the damage contributed to their death. Second, it is great way to unstealth hidden players because they light up if you thrown down Caltrops in the area where they are hidden. Lastly Caltrops is a handy tool along with oil catapults to slow down enemies advancing through a breach.
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