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No word back from Tech support.

My brother was really into ESO, he even spent money on the long term subscription fee. The thing is, after running into many glitches in game he has pretty much stopped playing. It wasn't because of the errors in the game though, it was mainly because when he requested tech support they never got back to him about any of the problems he was experiencing.

I on the other hand have gotten in touch with tech support on many occasion and they have helped me from minor things such as setting up this account on to looking into why the memory leak patch didn't work.

Things he has requested as well but he had to jump through various hoops in order to get any progress, unlike what I had to.

What's the deal? Where should he go to get help with his game if not the in game support?
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Greetings @SweetRollBandit , we are glad to hear you have had positive interactions with customer support so far! Would you be able to gather up the ticket reference numbers that your brother submitted so that we can look into why a response wasn't received?

    Also please be aware that if a ticket is submitted by using /bug it will not receive a response from customer support. To ensure you receive direct assistance, make sure always to use /help!
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