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"MOLTEN MONK": DK Fire/Resto Staff Build

Soul Shriven

The Molten Monk harnesses the power of molten rock to spew flames in every direction, burning the bodies of his victims, melting faces off of their skulls. The Molten Monk uses the power of rock and earth to bolster his defenses while shattering the will of his foes. The Molten Monk is never injured, or without flame for long, due his Phoenix like abilities to reap life from the ashes he has sown.

My most recent Dragon Knight Fire/Resto Staff Build.

Note: I play with a Razor Naga gaming mouse with the 1-12 buttons on the side. That is why my skills are still bound to 1-5, because I can use my right thumb to roll over all of them without compromising aiming/movement. Highly recommended. :wink:

Engagements and Spell Rotation:
I usually start harder engagements with Razor Armor/ Igneous Shield up. I pull a group of enemies with a flame staff power attack or just light em up with a (1)Elemental Blockade fire AoE. I run towards them and Spit (2)Engulfing Flames, a cone fire AoE. At this point melee enemies are right on you so hit (3)Burning Talons for the root CC. You may need to block the melee enemies power attack before hitting (3) for it to go off smoothly. Or, just hit (3)Burning Talons right as the melee enemies are in range and dodge out of range instead of blocking.

With the group of melee enemies rooted in my Talons, taking multiple sources of flame damage over time, I run over to the caster enemy/enemies in the back, hit (1)Elemental Blockade again to refresh the fire AoE, then pop off a few (4)Molten Whips. I love the sound of that flame-whip-crack!!! Feel free to shoot some light staff attacks as you are running to your next target. Almost every fire attack has a chance of applying burning, which is tremendous for this build.

Usually a group of 3-6 enemies are smoking piles of ash within seconds when you use this rotation. If not, Dodge the hell out of there and rinse/repeat. If you are facing harder enemies like heavy-hitters, flyers or spell-casters you can switch to your resto staff at any time for the (4)Obsidian Shard knockdown CC, the (5)Igneous Shield and pop off whatever heals you need. The beauty of having a resto staff offhand is that when you run out of magicka with your destro staff you can switch to the resto and get magicka back through power attacks. Just backpedal while power attacking, weave in a knockdown or heal when needed, and you can survive FOREVER and essentially have infinite magicka. This method works wonders for kiting bosses.

This build is EXTREMELY versatile and can handle just about any situation in PvP or PvE. You can swap out (3)Rapid Maneuver on Resto Bar for whatever (Siege Shield, another heal, dps skill, etc.) You can swap (5)Razor Armor to your Resto Bar and add something like Inferno or Searing Strke to your DPS Bar. You can swap out Razor Armor and Igneous Shield for Magelight if you want a more crit oriented, glass cannon build. Get creative and you can handle ANY situation with the Molten Monk.
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  • B_Mo
    Soul Shriven
    Feel free to drop a comment, ask a question or post your variation of the DK Fire/Resto Staff build. I'm always curious to see what other people are doing and are finding successful in PvE or PvP. :smiley:
  • xMovingTarget
    I would just add the same as i did in your last exactly the same thread about this build ;)

    Also, What gear setup do you use for your build. Thats also important ;)
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  • B_Mo
    Soul Shriven
    Your build looks amazing for PvE boss encounters and max DPS! Thanks for sharing it. Mine is more of an all-arounder, jack-of-all trades build that is good in PvP, Solo Dungeons and leveling, but by no means the best at any of those. When thinking about my build I was actually trying to focus on survivability, CC and group utility in PvP, while not sacrificing too much damage. I definitely wanted to try out the rune for PvE and now I have a direction to go in thanks to your build and the videos. Thanks again.

    As for my gear set-up, on a general note I run 5 light 2 heavy with appropriate perks in whatever. As for traits, set bonuses and enchants, my choices are limited due to gold. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what set i want to end up with at V12.

    If you would like, please post some good gear options for some various DK builds. Also, if someone had some ideas on what gear set would work well with my Survivability focused Molten Monk build, that would be great! I can start saving now, lol.
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  • Stannum
    Blood for the Pact!
  • bertenburnyb16_ESO
    havent seen that before...
    Haze Ramoran Dunmer Dragonknight Tank/Dps – Smoked-Da-Herb Saxheel Templar Tank/Healer

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    On a related note, @B_Mo, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to submit this build to [email protected] so it can be considered it for an entry in our Battlemaster's Corner.
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