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Soul Lock Passive, Pre-vet AvA issue

I took Soul Lock passive when available and have been playing AvA on the Blackwater Blade campaign. Even with over 100 kills I have failed to see this proc once and I am carrying empty Grand Soul gems. Anyone else have any experience with this passive and particularly with the pre vet campaign? Not sure if I should bug report this or its wai.

I wonder if the player scaling is somehow preventing this ability from firing off as the players on server aren't 'really' level 50 and therefore inadequate souls to fill a grand gem. But, they do require Gr :# nd gems to rez, even if they say level 12 on their badge. I think these things should align.

I also have a question about the availability of filled Grand Gems once we start getting only gold piece rewards in 1.4. Currently my main source for these is reward equipment bags. Otherwise I look forward to gold rewards as it won't take near as much processing as trying to manage 30 bags from mail, through inventory, and to final disposition. But where will the filled gems come from for the pre-vets?

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