ZoS aware that weapon proc status effects not working?

Example: I have fire damage enchant on my weapon. If I attack mobs, the mobs will never get the "burning" proc from my fire enchant. The only time I see mobs on fire is on the "death blow" proc. Death blow proc is still working.
Force weapon swap to have priority over EVERYTHING. Close enough.
Make stamina builds even with magicka builds.
Disable abilities while holding block.
Give us a REASON to do dungeons more than once.
Remove PVP AoE CAP. It is ruining Cyrodiil.
Fix/Remove Forward Camps. They are ruining Cyrodiil.
Impenetrability needs to REDUCE CRIT DAMAGE. Not negate entire builds.
Werewolf is not equal to Vamps/Bats.
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