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Taderi not spawning? No Essence Rune Acheivement?

Is it just my bad luck that on 7 characters on the European Server who are all around level 10 right now, at least one of which has master crafting harvester unlocked.... I have somehow never found a single Taderi? I just need to learn one more essence stone to know them all, physical harm, and I believe that's Taderi is it not? So.... anyone else not finding these? I've got about 14 of them on a single character on the North American Server so... I dunno what's up? Is anyone else not finding these, have I missed something explaining this?

  • Gyudan
    Taderi (physical harm) and Makderi (spell harm) are rarer than other essence runes in my opinion. At least those are the 2 I have in smallest quantity in bank (3-4 times fewer than other essence runes). I'm not 100% sure about them dropping less often from the nodes though.
  • poodlemasterb16_ESO
    Taderi is very rare. It should be, that's where I get my 410 armor bling from, at VR1 - VR3.
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