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Thoughts about Death recap

So, I've been playing around with my banana group 6-8man. We've been doing great, killing everyone with our unique setups.

I've reasontly noticed that the enemies we kill copy our builds thru death recaps, which I find a bit .....'Meeeeh'.....
We tested this by changing our builds from fire to frost and guess what - Not less than 1 hour in PVP we see the same people we kill, with the same changes.

Where is the originality in this game?

What are you're thoughts about the Death Recap. Should it be changed to keep specific builds hidden?
Edited by Morostyle on August 28, 2014 1:37PM
  • Vizier
    No. Transparency is a good thing. Keeps folks honest IMO. (at least it helps.) shrug.
  • Circuitous
    [Hidden Ability] 638 damage

    Yeah, solid plan.
    Thank Stendarr it’s Fredas.
    Elanirne: Altmer Templar Healer, Daggerfall Covenant (US)
    Auria Dolabella: Imperial (Vampire) Nightblade Tank, DC
  • Yusuf
    Either you're an awesome player and you should be flattered. Or you think too highly of you and yourselves and it's just a coincidence.

    Either way, i'd like to know if i was killed by a unique build or by Batswarm, Firering, Firering, Blazingshield, Firering.
  • Kypho
    Deathrecap? sometimes its just adds dots together and shows as one. it is normal?
  • KenjiJU
    One of the downfalls of having such an open system I guess. Personally, I always hated the idea of respeccing, or at least how easy it always is to do so. It would've given a buffer to all the cheese builds that are all the rage.
    Edited by KenjiJU on August 29, 2014 6:31PM
  • frosth.darkomenb16_ESO
    That's actually amazing.

    Maybe not in your point of view, but in general for the community, it means knowledge gets spread around and there are no inner sanctum secrets.

    And as someone else said: Embrace your epeen ***. :wink:
  • Lizelle
    I think the death recap is not enough information. I'd like the API back so we can see our own cast bars, debuffs, buffs, etc. Right now we have sort of a witch hunt situation, where we don't have enough information to really test builds or encounters so people just throw things around until something sticks, then it's the ONLY way to do a thing. And if you actually had some more info you could see there were also other things that would work for that particular mechanic. This is not new stuff... We had a combat log and could see buffs / debuffs in EQ1... I can't understand the regression... it's frustrating and doesn't make sense. Obviously the API nerf did not stop Bots...
  • guybrushtb16_ESO
    1. There is a very limited set of options that make sense, so you don't "own" a build anyway. It's not like they stole your secret formula for curing cancer.

    2. Your description sounds a bit self absorbed. It's not neccessarily "OMG these guys are so awesome, lets do exactly as they do!" they thought, and probably more "weird, I keep seeing those guys using XYZ repeatedly and don't see a point to it. Maybe we should try toying around with it to see if there's anything we didn't notice, but we'll probably throw those ice sticks away after that." I don't see any harm in that personally.
    Edited by guybrushtb16_ESO on August 30, 2014 12:08AM
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