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v1-5 dungeons are 2 times harder then v5-10

v1-5 dungeons are 2 times harder then v5-10 can complete all v5-10 dungeons most of the bosses with 3 people but Spindleclutch second boss is harder than end boss on elden hollow this doesn't make sense to me is this just not leveled right ?

does anyone else think this ?
  • granty2008cyb16_ESO

    i take it that no one else has noticed this then ?
  • Cogo
    Nope, because they are not hard. You simply have to cooperate, use different tactics, even on the same mobs/boss. You have to communicate within the group.

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  • Cody
    I recall the final boss in darkshade vet being harder than any of the final bosses in the vet 1-5 dungeons.
  • Magdalina
    Depends on your group, really. You need a LOT of teamwork in most of them, a bit less in others. I think Fungal is pretty rough, especially on first run through. That spiderb...bad daedra is always a test of how good a group is, imo. Darkshade Caverns last boss can really hurt, too, if group can't coordinate themselves well. Banished Cells hardmode is probably the hardest there is, CoH aside, though that apart the dungeon is supereasy.

    But Spindle #2? We're talking Bloodspawn, the gargoyle, right? He's easy o.O He is a dps check but honestly not that bad of one, we could do him at vet 2(besides, he's skippable). Everyone just stands close to him, healer heals you through his aoe and you dps the hell out of him right there. A good healer will even keep you up for some time if you hit enrage at 2 mins, but you might not want to check that;)
  • Sasky
    Almost sounds like OP is finding the gargoyle harder to 3-man than the v5-10 dungeons. The Elden Hollow boss is more about mechanics and sustain, whereas the gargoyle is a DPS race. So yes, with 3 people it would be harder.

    For full groups, I find v5-v10 runs go easier, but that's more because the players are already comfortable with veteran dungeons. (Definitely true if trying to PuG the dungeons.)
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  • s7732425ub17_ESO
    FG and Spindleclutch are harder than any of the other Vet Dungeons besides Crypt of Hearts. This is simply due to difficult boss mechanics that insta-kill very easily. The other vet dungeon bosses do not have such difficult mechanics and are much easier.

    When I am running with weaker/inexperienced players, I prefer to do Banished Cells, Wayrest, or Elden Hollow. You don't need a good healer, and you don't need good DPS. If I feel that the party has decent DPS, then I will do Fungal Grotto or the others.
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