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Magicka Regen Strategies for Templar Tank

I hear a lot of people backing 7/7 light and stacking reduction/regen. Is this viable in say vCoH and Trials? Also, any set bonuses, skills, or other strats for better regen as a Tankplar?

Originally I leaned in that direction but ended up going 2 Light 5 Heavy and running 5 HistBark, 5 Unassailable, 2 Necromancer for set bonuses. I'm very survivable but my Magicka regen sucks so I work in Balance when I have to have Magicka for a taunt or to prepare a defensive cast.
  • akriden
    Why do you need so much Magicka as templar tank? Sunshield, okay, taunt, okay, better use the one with stamina, but for what Else?
  • M'Hael
    To do tons of AOE dmg with endless Blazing Shield spam. That's why I asked if it was a viable PVE Endgame build as well because I have a hard time believing that giving up so much mitigation and HPregen in favor of spamming blazing shield and self heals is a real solution in Trials.

    However... the idea of putting out tons of AOE dmg AND having high survivability is a mythical unicorn worth chasing.
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