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Could you plz allow refining to gain temporying alloy

Soul Shriven
I dont mind putting in the work but out of 1000 ore I get one tempering alloy this is just a bad return at my level not much I can do to my gear to improve and this at present return rate is not fun at all
  • xaraan
    It does gain temp alloy when you refine, I've gotten them before. But you are right, there is something out of wack about them vs. the other mats. I've hardly used temp alloys over the WW or cloth legend upgrades and I have tons more of those than I do of the Temp alloy. I've saved every one I've gotten, refined as much in BS as any other craft and same hirelings, yet I have less than half the amount of tempering alloys as the others.
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  • Cody
    its the same with all of the legendary improvement materials. I don't know if you get tempering alloys less or not, but legendary mats need an increased drop rate all together. iv deconed and refined clothing stuff for 3 months, and got maybe 4 dreugh wax. the rest from hirlings, and I bought one or two.
  • Sapphy24
    I've only got a few and I nearly live on the game. All my toons collect when I allow them to get out of the cupboard and I refine everything but, hardly any yellows. Another thing is purples from chests,sacks etc. I was doing it every day since the game began on my little provisioner.. spending hours collecting and not one purple. After reading about how people were logging in and out to go through chests and cupboards etc I decided to do it on each girl as I logged them in to collect their things, but nope, no purples, but i'm going to keep trying. I'm not doing the log in and out thing on purpose, i'm only doing what is necessary as it takes too much of my playing time doing the great bank shuffle.

    I'm sitting here now, thinking, I can't really be bothered with that today and its starting to get like that nearly every day. I'm so sad, I love the game, but the daily bank shuffle is just starting to get too much.
    Problem is, I have to do it to get to the fun part and I love the fun part... Actually playing the game.
  • neueregel
    I refined 340 cloth items last night... that is 34 attempts... not one wax... that just doesn't seem right. I have the maximum skills in refining on all crafting. I have noticed at times too that I would refine like 10 times in a row and not receive any advanced mat, let alone a gold...
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  • Ninnghizhidda
    It is all RNG. Some win, some lose, same story with hirelings. Returns of legendary materials are pretty low, I believe rightly so, the actual numbers are not well known, but I think someone in an older thread actually published %s based on refining many 1000s of raw materials, and these should be a good indication.
  • Bazzakrak
    You have put points into your extraction skill that raises the chance of getting them ?

    I usually end up with a legendary pr 750 raw material I refine, with 3 points into the extraction skills.
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  • Ourorboros
    Bazzakrak wrote: »
    You have put points into your extraction skill that raises the chance of getting them ?

    I usually end up with a legendary pr 750 raw material I refine, with 3 points into the extraction skills.

    What he said. You have to use skill points for extracting. I'm wearing a full set of legendary equipment, all from refining mats and hirelings. I have more honing stones, pitch and hemming than I know what to do with. Returns diminish from blue to gold, but you still get much better results than no skill points in extraction.
    You can, however, look forward to the Master of Refinement achievement and dye from all the thousands of mats :).
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  • ChillingSpree
    Haha are you guys serious? Of course you're not getting many. They're supposed to be rare. What would the point of legendary be, if you didn't have "half as many as the others"? That's literally the whole point. Yes of course they're harder to get than grain solvent... Why else would they be desirable, if they weren't rare? They only offer a slight stat increase after all... Honestly I'm always amazed at people in MMO who complain about purposefully rare items being too rare. How would you like it if everyone had a set of full legendary? What purpose would that give you to continue blacksmithing? You're supposed to work for it for a long time before getting it. This is how virtually every MMO works... rare items take work. They are rewards for spending your time on something. This is meant to reflect the nature of life... is it not obvious? You can't be the best, or have the best things, unless you WORK for it. And honestly, it's not like it's straining you that much. With this kind of work, all you have to do is sit in a chair and push some buttons. At least you don't have to go to the gym and lift weights to get your tempering alloys...
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