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Killer blades Nerf? When?

When did they drop the heal rate of Killer blades to useless?
And yes they did was 30% now its like 18% which is basically nothing.
  • Sharee
    IIRC it was always 15% base. You are probably confusing it with the heal from assassin's mark/morphs, those are in the 40-60% range.
  • CapuchinSeven
    You're confused. It was always base 15%.
  • PBpsy
    Pretty sure it was always 15-18% that is it never made sense to take it over Impale.
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  • wllstrt75b14_ESO
    I could have sworn it was more not to long ago.
  • LunaRae
    I ran killer's while PvE'ing my way to VR12 - never once remember it being 30%, was always 15-18
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