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Video (and vent commentary) links: veteran dungeon full clears + some death challenge achievs

These are by no means a "how to" but here are a few veteran dungeon streams that you may find useful/amusing in some way (WARNING: language, crude humor) - I will keep updating my death challenges until I have them all so stay tuned if you want:

Up front note: videos are through a VR12 AD High Elf Templar healer POV

Veteran Banished Cells (also recorded death challenge achievement at end)

Veteran Wayrest Sewers (+ death challenge achievement near end)

Veteran Darkshade Caverns (death challenge @ end)

Veteran Elden Hollow (messy/not a lot of appropriate reaction to mechanics on last boss going on due to my first time, but death challenge achievement earned at end)

Thanks for watching. Please shoot me any questions/comments. I always appreciate that kind of stuff. =)

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