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NB pure bow build help

Hi I am rank 12, and have tried a few different builds, but am unable to find a good build to win enough pvp fights. I am mostly stay specced with about 2.2k hp. I am well out of the nervous stage in PvP, so I'm certain it is my skill and stats, rather than, spray and pray. Any tips would be helpful! (I will not be switching weapon types, nor armor, but I will respec and reglyph)
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  • aco5712
    My bow build for burst NB
    1. Camo hunter
    2. Venom Arrow
    3. Lethal Arrow
    4. Incapacitate
    5. Anything
    U: Flawless dawnbreaker

    Camo Hunter + Incapacitate buff
    Once lethal is shot charge a heavy attack
    Heavy attack + lethal should hit at the same time
    Weave poison arrow and light attacks.

    They should be dead within 3/4 seconds unless you screw something up

    Max wep dmg + max stam. All you need.
    Banned for Naming and Shaming exploiters. Great ideology ZOS.

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    Alt: Leo Cor | Nightblade
    Alt: Leonidas Cor | Templar

    Guild: K-Hole
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    DK PvP Tank/DPS Hybrid Build (2.1+): Cor Leonis
  • Rologue
    Thanks, buddy! I'll. Try this out when I get off of work.
    Guildmaster of Decimation Elite
    "Take all that you can, and give nothing back!"
  • Saet
    His advice is spot on. Pretty much my build as well and its devastating. You are still squishy if they catch you but you should be picking your targets somewhat carefully. Dont wade into a group, stay on the fringes where you have an escape possibility if things go wrong. Bar 2 I have set for survivability and escape. Efficient Purge and Shadow Disguise/Dark Cloak plus some debuffs.
    Saet - stam nb
    Hordak - magicka nb
    Demigorgon - stam sorc
  • Cody
    on my VR12 I use:

    impale(im a Nb)
    shadow disguise
    funnel health
    venom arrow

    impale is my execute ability,

    shadow disguise(when it works) is my escape ability,

    funnel health is a good way for me to consistently pump out damage, along with my light attacks

    scatter shot is a knock back ability, which all archers need unless one of their class skills is a CC/knockback that they have on their bar

    venom arrow is a good spamable skill, and a good interrupter. I love hitting crystal shard spammers with it; watching them get stunned, then watching them try to run when they have no idea what the heck just happened is good fun:)

    I go in all Medium armor, nights silence set, well fitted traits on everything(though impenetrable is advised if you are aiming to be the best of the best)

    I use the precise trait on my bow, and my ultimate is incapacitating strikes(morph of deathstroke) it does good damage and knocks down players if they have more health than me, and if they don't block it. it can turn the fight to your side in an instant if timed correctly.

    Also, get stealth jumps on them. If you face a player that spams self heals, or a DK that uses reflective scales, just run. You wont win. iv tried dozens of times and lost almost each time.

    Just find what works best for YOU. what works well for others may not work well for you(for example, I cannot use mark target well at all. idk how all the other NBs can manage to use it, but I just cant do well with it)
  • Stannum
    silver bolts
    venom arrow
    lethal arrow
    funnel health
    crippling grasp

    Flawless dawnbreaker

    This bar i use for positional PvP fights. For attack/retreat/burst dmg I use my DW bar.
    Blood for the Pact!
    Shee'Dla NB Khajit bow/2H/SS/dw PvE bow DPS
    Strawberry-Kills-Forever DK Argonian SS/DW/bow PvE venomous DPS
    Strawberry-Heals-Forever DK Argonian resto/destro PvE/PvP Heal
    Abyr Valg sOrc WW 2H/DW/bow/SS PvE DPS, PvP
    Bogdan le Sta Templar Breton resto/destro/SS PvE any role
    Tuirill Biccreo Sorc Breton destro/resto PvE shock DPS
    Emiel Regis Rohellec T-G NB Breton Vampire SS/resto PvP/PvE tank
    Qara Telvanni DK Dunmer destro/dw PvE fire DPS
    Dino Lucci NB WW Redguard 2H/DW/SS/bow PvP gunker
    Spinner Electronia Templar WW Bosmer 2H/SS/DW/bow PvE DPS, PvP
    Tarja Turunen Nightwish Warden Nord bow/destro DPSing tank, PvE/PvP
    Elsa the Iceheart Warden Altmer destro DPS
    CP cap
    "Red Diamond" [EP][EU][ua] guildmaster
    "Blades" [EP][EU] guild
    "The Elder Sich"[EU][ua]guild
  • tbrocato
    Bow Bar PVP:
    • venom arrow
    • lethal arrow
    • impale
    • silver shards
    • funnel health
    • flawless dawnbreaker or veil of blades
    Bow Bar PVE
    • venom arrow
    • magnum shot
    • impale
    • scorched earth
    • funnel health
    • flawless dawnbreaker or veil of blades
    DW Bar PVP
    • dark cloak
    • ambush
    • concealed weapon
    • flying blade
    • rapid strikes
    • flawless dawnbreaker or soul tether or soul harvest
    DW Bar PVE
    • dark cloak
    • ambush
    • concealed weapon
    • flying blade or steel tornado
    • rapid strikes or blood craze
    • flawless dawnbreaker or soul tether
    Race: Redguard
    Stat Allocation: +49 health <--- may change this eventually
    Stone: Thief <---- may change since I am above 50% crit.
    Jewelry: Warlock Set with epic +magicka regen enchants.
    Armor Sets: 7 medium / +stamina enchants / +infused on large pieces / +divines on small / +precise on weapons / +impenetrable on 5 pieces for PVP.
    PVP Set: 5 Night's Silence / 4 Ashen's Grip - 3 with bow.
    PVE Set: 5 Hunding's Rage / 4 Ashen's Grip - 3 with bow.

    DW rotation: I always open attacks with ambush / concealed weapon. I then use stamina based attacks. If I get low on stamina, which is rare, even on long fights due to Redguard passives I repeat with ambush / concealed weapon. When an enemy is low on health I switch to my bow bar and spam impale. I use stamina based attacks for the majority of my dps. I use animation canceling when using rapid strike.
    Bow rotation: I open attacks under stealth normally with venom arrow or lethal arrow (PVP). I throw in some light attacks and back to venom arrow. If I get low on stamina I toss in funnel health.

    The above build in PVE I can obtain 700+ dps and have a great KD ratio in PVP. I consider it a stamina based build but it may be a touch hybridish lol :wink:
    Edited by tbrocato on September 7, 2014 7:45AM
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